Being spontaneous is not everyone’s strong suit. Being brave, open-minded to change, and flexible are the key elements possessed by spontaneous people. Katrina Jimenez emulates these qualities. Not only is she loud, extroverted, and a ball of energy, but she isn’t afraid to step outside of her comfort zone. At fourteen years old, she was sitting at the kitchen table in Colorado with her father for dinner. A normal night, but an innocent question posed by her dad would change her childhood forever. “If you could move to Indianapolis, would you?” she recalls her father asking.

“Yeah, why not?” she immediately answered.

Katrina Jimenez (right) works on her high school yearbook with her classmate Shelley (left). Jimenez is dedicated to her work on the staff and is working hard at the HSJI classes at Indiana University Bloomington.

“Why not?” is …
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