Firehouse Broadcasting: A look inside the WFHB station

One of the small broadcast studios inside the station, where volunteers go on air for their segments. “I’ve never been in a radio station that’s so easy to operate without preparing,” said Cindy Beaulé, volunteer coordinator at WFHB.

WFHB, Firehouse Broadcasting, is Indiana’s first community radio station located in the streets of Bloomington. With an endless list of programs available for audiences to listen to, WFHB has something for all audiences. However, taking an inside look into the WFHB studio, I discovered some fun details most listeners may not know about life in the studio.

The station is located in a building, which was formerly the old fire station, hence the name Firehouse Broadcasting. In 1959, the town of Bloomington decided to convert an old garage into the second town fire station, which had 46 members. When the building …
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Persuaded into IU's summer theatre

Persuade, Persuasion, and Persuaded. All words frequently referenced by Jane Austen in her novel “Persuasion,” which in 2010 was adapted to the stage by Jennifer Le Blanc.

From the first moment the lights dimmed and the student and professional actors took the stage in the IU Wells-Metz Theatre, the world was seen through Jane Austen’s eyes, or Anne Elliot’s, the protagonist of this particular Austen story. Director Dale McFadden, made me feel I was living in the world of the peerage system myself, even if it was just for a short period of time.

Elliott is a woman dealing with heartbreak and loss, trying to find closure, but can’t let go of the past.

The themes of being persuaded are present throughout the play, and make one reflect on how often we are persuaded in aspects of life, like in Elliot’s …
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Love is Blooming-tons

Walking down one of Bloomington’s most popular downtown streets, Kirkwood Ave, local couple walks hand-in-hand. Affectionate couples can be found all over the Indiana University campus. “College is a great place to meet your future spouse. You are learning so much and expanding your horizons,” Kris Bausback said.

For almost 200 years, Indiana University has supplied students with an education, opportunities, and success to better equip them for their individual futures, but one thing IU has that isn’t necessarily advertised is the chance to find the love of a lifetime.

The number of people that find their future spouse at IU without even looking for one, is an endless and continuously increasing number. Even though numerous couples meet while attending or visiting the Bloomington area, the thing that makes each couple unique, is their story.

Henry and Kris Bausback are …
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