Focusing in on Dani

Music and nature, could it get better?

Enjoying her day in the sunny sites of Bloomington, Danielle Castaneda, 12, awaits the beautiful day. “Nature is something that I will always love and will be in tune with,” said Castaneda.

Sidney Smith

Personality Portfolio on Danielle Castaneda

     Potstickers, Law and Order, and bad guitar playing. Welcome to the life of Danielle Castaneda, 17 year old that always sees the bigger picture, even when it seems pointless.

     Growing up with no siblings, Castaneda had to occupy herself with something. That something was engulfing herself with music and nature. With her dad playing Bob Marley to Jimi Hendrix whenever she was around, her music taste became very eclectic very fast. As she grew older, she opened up by playing the saxophone, then piano, and finally ending with guitar. She soon realized that …
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