Legend Prompts Parking Lot Proposal

People who choose to attend Indiana University often experience a gravitational pull that brings them to the university, and this holds true for Bishop Chatard High School senior Jacob deCastro.

deCastro’s parents met at IU, however, they were born on opposite sides of the globe.

“My mom’s from Warsaw, Indiana,” deCastro said. “My dad was born in the Philippines and his family moved here in 1973, when he was three.”

The two went to different high schools in Indiana but ultimately ended up at IU, where they met.

deCastro’s father studied business at IU and his mother studied nursing.

At the time, the business school was not yet known as the renowned Kelley School of Business but simply the School of Business.

“My dad was a year ahead of her at the time,” deCastro said. “When they met, they were at a party together. Except my …
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