Preparing for College

Shine on!

We are all different, yet we are one in the same.

In journalism today we think of ourselves as divided. Sports, Web Packaging, Features, Opinions, and so many more. We go to our own classes, stay with our groups, and stay separated even in our free time. It’s not true and not right.

In other cultures knowledge or information is considered illuminating, in other words it lightens the way, or it is light. Light as we all know comes from all different sources, like the moon, the sun, human made lamps, but all of them give light.

It’s just like that in journalism. We might present things in a different way, be it pictures, text, video, or a package. However it’s all information meant to inform and illuminate the path of our readers. So know while we are different and unique in so …
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Meet Asia Porter

Asia Porter a junior at Mason High School and an avid writer.

She’s from Mason High School in Mason, Ohio and she loves to play volleyball. Also Asia Porter and her sister are exactly four years apart in age to the day.

When she was younger she enjoyed playing soccer, but as she got older she quit and went to volleyball. Another thing she enjoys doing is playing the piano at her church where she is involved in the youth ministry as well as several others. She was in her high school band but she had to quit when she found that it didn’t fit into her schedule.

When not at church, practice, or school Asia spends time at popular local attractions like Kings Island, Buffalo Wild Wings, and other spots around town. She also spends time with her older sister …
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