Is College For YOU?

Is College For YOU?

What If?

Lets get Political.

Created by Emily Johnson Northrop HS & Sydnee Marqueling Northrop HS

This is Isabel Marotta.

Isabel Marotta is a rising junior at William Mason High School who is on her way to do great things.

When it comes to Isabel Marotta, she describes herself as a Christian.

“That’s a really big part of my life,” Marotta said. Yet, Marotta wasn’t raised Christian. “My dad raised us Catholic. I absolutely hated it and thought it was super strict.” Marotta soon found herself volunteering at Young Life. Young Life is a world-class organization for adolescents. “I realized religion isn’t always strict,” Marotta said.

During her time at Young Life. Marotta cooked and baked for over 500 kids. “I was working 12 hours a day, for seven days a week for the whole month.” Apart from Marotta volunteering at Young Life, she also ministers seventh grade girls. “The girls come to me with their problems, …
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