IU Overseas Study Puts Student Safety First

By Trinity Tunstall, Father Ryan High School

Opinion Writing

Indiana University is sending students to countries with travel warnings for overseas study – but it’s okay. IU has decided to continue  to send students to nations with travel warnings in an effort to mitigate reduced opportunities for student. Yet, I believe this decision is well justified in the University’s intentions and precautions. Not banning travel to such countries only demonstrates a commitment to education and signifies the IU’s trust in the capabilities and responsibility of its student body.

In the presentation by the Senior Advisor from the IU Office of Overseas Study Danielle Samek and Peer Counselor Jaedon Wilson at the HSJI on Tuesday, students were persuaded not only of the benefits but of the safety and availability of studying internationally at IU. With overseas study participation increasing 66 percent in the past …
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Melodrama Ushers in a New Era of Lorde

By Trinity Tunstall

Father Ryan High School

After the four-year hiatus following her freshman album, Lorde delivered an album that cannot disappoint. Melodrama is teeming with youthful excitement and distress. This star has grown as an artist but stays near to her artistic roots. Melodrama is not Lorde reinvented, but Lorde’s sound reborn in a new place and time.

The release of Pure Heroine (2013) rearranged the landscape of the pop/alternative world entirely. With it, Lorde stripped preconceptions of the genres and rewrote what it meant to be a popstar in the 2010s. Lady Gaga once referred to the album as one of “THE albums of 2013”. In the industry, it was simply refreshing to have a young artist being so vulnerable and real with listeners. People were drawn to her authenticity, her relatability, and her accessibility.

Rolling Stone raved, “The album was so …
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