Pick a Side

The custody battle for Junior Lily Wray as a child has given Wray a different outlook on life and relationships

Copy By Veronica Terrell

A Special Bond: Six years after an intense custody battle, junior Lily Wray lives with her mom and said that the bond between them has grown strong throughout the years. “We are closer than we have ever been, and she’s my best friend. I’d be lost without her,” Wray said.

From the eyes of a classmate, Lily Wray is an ordinary student. The volleyball player and Chick-Fil-A obsessed junior at Hamilton Southeastern High School seems to be living a normal life, despite the fact that at nine years old, Wray’s parents split up, resulting in a custody battle between the two parents for her and her little brother.

However, divorce in America is normal.

Every 36 seconds, …
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