A Knack For An Impact

Observing his surroundings, junior Hayden Sisemore reflects on the outstanding nature. Sisemore is very aware of current environmental issues, and believes they’re inclusively relevant to our future.

Leading in Natural Sustanability, to Excelling in the Books

Living in an uprising town with a new link of commotion in daily traffic, it can be hard to remember the importance of upkeep in the environment. Although for junior Hayden Sisemore, he believes our future relies on it.

Sisemore lives in Fishers,Indiana with his parents and older sister, Makenna. Sismore and his sister both share similar beliefs on the importance of environmental sustainability and have even held recreational cleanups in their community.” It’s necessary to reverse the damage people have made,” Sisemore said. “My sister and I decided to organize a park cleanup for Earth Day, and we plan to do another this summer.”

With …
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More than a Flower

Laughing at a friend, senior Bernice Campos is full of life. “I’m always happy and bubbly as a person, overall I enjoy good vibes,” Campos says

Senior Bernice Campos sees flowers as much more than the average person, some would say even a metaphor for her life.

A memory can be caught in a picture, a video, a recorder or even a text message. So would you believe with me if I told you a flower was a memory that held a thousand words. Well for  senior Bernice Campos she would strongly agree, Campos has had a deep love for flowers starting all the way back to the age of 4.

When Campos was younger her family would go on trips to Mexico to visit her grandmother whom was also in love with flowers. This was her first trip that she …
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