Baby Driver masterfully combines music, comedy, and action

Baby Driver is one of the best movies to combine music, comedy, and action into one. Baby Driver was recently released on June 28th. The ratings have been through the roof with 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and 86 percent on Metacritic, two highly accredited movie review sites.  The movie has already made 61 million as of July 11th and is expected to make much more.

The movie is about Baby, the main character, who is a teenage getaway driver who is in debt to Doc, a crime boss. Baby Driver is characterized as an action comedy, but the movie would be nothing without music.

When Baby is the getaway driver he always must have music playing. He starts the song right when the others go in to rob the bank and the song hypes the viewers because the song isn’t just playing, Baby is jamming out to the song. The song is perfectly timed for the climax to start when they start driving away. The action is intensified because when the music gets louder you know that something is going to happen whether it is Baby fooling the cops or Baby pulls off an insane turn.

Baby also makes his own music with conversations he records throughout the day. I like how Doc, Bats, and Buddy thinks that his tape recorder is recording them for the police, but all his tapes are remixes of what people said to him.

I think the music adds another component that not many movies have. Most of the time the soundtrack for the movie is background music, but Baby Driver does a good job of making the music apart of the movie.

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