Brady Krueger — The Power of Makeup


As senior Brady Krueger walked through the halls he heard the phrase that had become a commonality since his junior year, “Are you wearing makeup?”

He turns and proudly confirms.

Krueger began doing makeup after being inspired by drag queens confidence. He picked up tricks from friends and then turned to YouTube stars like Jeffree Star and Manny Mua.

“A good friend of mine taught me the basics and then I turned to tutorials,” Krueger said.

Now equipped with the skills Krueger dove head first into the world of contour, lipstick and glitter.

Kruegers’ teachers and peers supported his decision to begin wearing makeup. One of his main supporters was his yearbook advisor, Carol Kazmierczak, who applauded him for being himself.

“She thought it was amazing that I was doing something that made me happy despite it not being the norm. She even started asking me for advice on makeup,” Krueger said.

Acceptance doesn’t always exist in a conservative like Lebanon, “People aren’t always cool about it,” said Krueger. “The other day I was riding my bike and someone yelled at me and called me a faggot.”

Working at a local restaurant Krueger doesn’t wear makeup to avoid insults and negativity.

Despite his location Krueger has accepted himself and embraced what he loves, makeup.