Photo by Ethan Moore

Becca Yagelski is no stranger to staying busy

When it comes to free time, Becca Yagelski takes what she can get.

“If I have downtime, I’m at my friend’s house doing just something like watching movies and trying not to focus on how hectic and crazy everything is,” Yagelski explained.

While Yagelski, a rising senior at Crown Point High School, may refer to her schedule as hectic, others would call it admirable.

“If I don’t have something scheduled or planned, I’m going to want to just sit there and do nothing at all. It really keeps me going—makes my time pass by,” Yagelski said.

A natural leader, she is the president of her local Boy Scouts of America Venturing club, the local 4-H club, and is editor-in-chief of her school’s yearbook.

“I’m crazy. I’m really crazy honestly,” Yagelski said with a chuckle. “I feel like I’m very bubbly. I have a free spirit but I can also be really serious and mature when I need to be, but if I don’t have to, I’m not going to be. If I want to have fun, then I’m going to have fun. If I need to be serious, like in the kind of setting where I am going to be the leader of something, then I will take it seriously.”

Yagelski, a self-described nature person, centered her life around working for and working with others. In addition to her responsibilities for her clubs and classes, Yagelski also is active in her church, babysits, and will start her job as a certified nursing assistant in August, where she will assist and work with the residents of a nursing home.

“Just being someone there to talk to [the residents] and just spend time with them and get to know them will be the best part of it,” Yagelski expressed.

When she’s not booked, Yagelski enjoys spending her time with her friends. She has seen Mean Girls over fifteen times and has no plans on stopping anytime soon.

“This is always the way I’ve been. If I’m not busy all the time then I’m getting yelled at because I’m laying in my bed and don’t have anything to do,” Yagelski said.

Nature is also an important piece of Yagelski’s life. Between Venturing, riding horses, and 4-H, she is no stranger to the outdoors. She earned Grand Champion for the demonstration portion of 4-H three years in a row.

Whether she is working on the yearbook or working with the elderly, Yagelski keeps herself busy, although it isn’t without help.

“Whether it’s my parents, my brother, really close friends at church, or even my board for the yearbook, I need those people to fall back on and help me. It’s really important to have those people under me.”