Can’t Stop The Rise

From long hard practices to the comfort of her family and friends 

Recklessly trying to get to class Kylie Gibson smiles in front of the Jordan river on a rainy day in Indiana University on July 11th, 2017.

” I want to improve and be the best I can be.”- Kylie Gibson 2017

The score is tied, it is the finally game of the session and all eyes are on Kylie Gibson as the volleyball goes over the net. Kylie Gibson,,16, is  your typical small town girl. Attending Southport High School, in Indiana, Kylie has experienced many different kinds of sports, including basketball, cheerleading, and soccer. Although Kylie has been involved in so many sports in fourth grade she found her true passion: volleyball. Besides volleyball Kylie also takes part in her school’s yearbook. In yearbook Kylie was in charge the design aspect that is how she ended up in the HSJI yearbook program.

Although Kylie’s life seems to be mostly surrounded by school, she is actually fairly  family oriented. Living with her two parents and an older brother Kylie’s childhood included sports practices and hikes with her family. Kylie’s older brother, played sports as well, even more sports than Kylie this drove Kylie to try ever harder in her practices and games. Kylie wants to continue through high school and graduate but as far as an education beyond high school Kylie says that she does not believe that she will attend college, but go further into her volleyball career.    

Even though Kylie  has been really involved in her school she does wish that she can go back and “ be involved in more activities so i could meet more people.

Kylie says that her friends play an very important role in her life. She has been friends with her best friend for eleven years. “She is the rock in my life. I have other really good friends as well”  said Kylie Gibson. As far as a support system Kylie seems to be set with her family and friends supporting her.