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'Persuasion': accurate representation of peoples' struggles with unspoken but obvious feelings

On July 17, 2017, student actors, alongside with their professional counterparts, gave a heart-wrenching, view of the unspoken feelings between exes who continue to feel a connection in “Persuasion,” at the Wells-Metz Theatre in Indiana University. This adaptation of Jane Austen’s 1817 novel by Jennifer Le Blanc focuses on the reunification of two past lovers who were once engaged. The people of the 19th century may have had different cultural influences, but this doesn’t mean they didn’t have their hearts broken the way we do.

The actors completely succeeded in physically representing a pain that is sometimes completely inexplicable. Every time Anne, played by Ashley Dillard, would be anywhere near her ex-fiance, Captain Wentworth, played by Grant Goodman, each actor’s facial expression alone was enough to make the audience feel utter sympathy for how much each character longed for the …
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Persuasion and Prejudice

Upper class society, a tale of love and loss, and a complicated family provide a hallmark for Jane Austen’s stories, and “Persuasion” is no exception.

The Indiana University Summer Theatre group’s production of this Austen classic accurately portrays the complicated romantic situations that many of the author’s classic characters tend to find themselves in. This version of the story was directed by Dale McFadden and adapted by Jennifer Le Blanc.

The story follows Anne Elliot, the forgotten daughter of an upper society man, in her journey to re-find love that was lost. Along the way she deals with jealousy, complicated family issues, and a scheming cousin.

Fans of Austen’s work may notice many similarities between themes and characters that fall in line with some of her other works such as “Pride and Prejudice”. Anne, like Elizabeth Bennet, is a forgotten child, who …
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Persuaded into IU's summer theatre

Persuade, Persuasion, and Persuaded. All words frequently referenced by Jane Austen in her novel “Persuasion,” which in 2010 was adapted to the stage by Jennifer Le Blanc.

From the first moment the lights dimmed and the student and professional actors took the stage in the IU Wells-Metz Theatre, the world was seen through Jane Austen’s eyes, or Anne Elliot’s, the protagonist of this particular Austen story. Director Dale McFadden, made me feel I was living in the world of the peerage system myself, even if it was just for a short period of time.

Elliott is a woman dealing with heartbreak and loss, trying to find closure, but can’t let go of the past.

The themes of being persuaded are present throughout the play, and make one reflect on how often we are persuaded in aspects of life, like in Elliot’s …
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Quirky Sci-Fi Podcast Demands to be Heard

By Catherine Segreto, Bishop Watterson High School

Opinion Writing

Cecil Baldwin, the voice of Welcome to Night Vale, performs at a live show in Chicago, Illinois.

Hidden in the vast expanse of the desert Southwest lies a small town where every conspiracy theory has come to life. The foreboding walls of the dog park discourage any and all dog owners from entering, a hoard of angels mysteriously lingers above Old Woman Josie’s house, and the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home mercilessly raids the refrigerator.

However strange they may sound, each of these peculiarities happens to be perfectly normal in the town of Night Vale. Dutifully reporting every new occurrence is Cecil Gershwin Palmer, the sole broadcaster at the local radio station. Despite the regular “disappearances” of his interns and the erratic behavior of his …
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Stepping up: Chance the Rapper

By Giovanni Roman, Pritzker College Prep

Opinion Writing

Chicago , Illinois, home to thousands of homicides year round, has been gaining attention, not only nationwide, but worldwide, because of its increasing gun violence. Chicago’s gun violence has been an ongoing problem for the past years, with over 2,000 shooting incidents in 2016, the number in 2017 by April has been 1,000, half of the shooting’s in 2016 in under three months.

Photo taken by Ashlee Rezin/Chicago Sun-Times 

Chicago’s gun violence is seen as a gang-violence or gang related problem, when in reality it goes back to a educational problem. Chancelor Bennett, better known as “Chance the Rapper”, a grammy-award winning artist, in an interview where he donates one million dollars to Chicago Public Schools, and an additional ten thousand dollars to ten high schools, states “Today I am proud to announce that …
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69 and still rockin’

Alice Cooper’s The Rock Teen Center opening in 2012 in Tucson, Arizona. Photographer unknown

By Christopher Berryman, Rincon High School

Opinion Writing

Alice Cooper, considered the godfather of shock rock, is still rockin’ and not in a chair on his front porch.

The 69 year old rocks. With his band.  They don’t just jam out, but they put on a whole show using props such as guillotines, electric chairs, and giant puppets.

Cooper and his band have outlived other ʼ70’s bands because of the entertaining music, shows, his connection to the audience, and he cleaned up his life.

In Tucson, Arizona, Cooper sold out his show at the AVA Amphitheatre, for and old time rock artist the crowd did not seem to reflect the age of the artist. He didn’t just change the music of his time but he still finds ways to …
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Queen Isabella: A role model for women everywhere

The story of Queen Isabella is one that empowers young women today. Queen Isabella was such an inspiring character in history and the author, Kirstin Downey, does a great job in capturing the struggles and successes of Isabella living and ruling as a women in the 1400s. 

“Isabella: The Warrior Queen” is a well researched biography that describes in great detail the life of Queen Isabella of Castile.

One thing that stuck with me throughout the story was how Isabella managed to hold power and create big change. Gender stereotypes and inequality have always been present and Downey writes how Isabella was originally thought to not be intelligent enough to rule. This didn’t stop Isabella though. With a Borgia connection and dedication she was able to achieve so many great things in her lifetime that others before her couldn’t.

Isabella was …
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Twenty One Pilots’ album might be released sooner than you think

This graphic is on Twenty One Pilots’ website and may lead to a new album.

Twenty One Pilots has been teasing their fans since July 6th and fans are going crazy. Fans of the band Twenty One Pilots have been trying to put the pieces together after Twenty One Pilots, a band with a huge teenage fanbase, posted pictures of the lyrics with an eye. The black eye looks more like a sketch and has a red eyeball with the Blurryface, one of the band’s albums, symbol as the pupil. Every time a lyric is posted, the eye closes a little more. Many fans speculate that once the eye opens back up, Twenty One Pilots will release their new album.

As a huge fan of the band Twenty One Pilots I can say that I am very excited for …
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Melodrama Ushers in a New Era of Lorde

By Trinity Tunstall

Father Ryan High School

After the four-year hiatus following her freshman album, Lorde delivered an album that cannot disappoint. Melodrama is teeming with youthful excitement and distress. This star has grown as an artist but stays near to her artistic roots. Melodrama is not Lorde reinvented, but Lorde’s sound reborn in a new place and time.

The release of Pure Heroine (2013) rearranged the landscape of the pop/alternative world entirely. With it, Lorde stripped preconceptions of the genres and rewrote what it meant to be a popstar in the 2010s. Lady Gaga once referred to the album as one of “THE albums of 2013”. In the industry, it was simply refreshing to have a young artist being so vulnerable and real with listeners. People were drawn to her authenticity, her relatability, and her accessibility.

Rolling Stone raved, “The album was so …
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Drab Denim

Denim consumers seek the best bang for their buck in the popular clothing chain, Forever 21, but is the deal deceiving? Despite the low quality of their denim, Forever 21 is currently conquering the nation’s malls, as it has expanded to more than 450 stores in the U.S. and nearly 100 locations internationally.

Most dedicated Forever 21 shoppers are naively blinded by the steal of $7 jeans, while other stores carry jeans with staggering prices in comparison that reach as high as $60. However, a similar brand such as Rue 21 offers jeans that are sold at a decent, in-between price such as $34 that would be an alternative to Forever 21’s god forsaken jeans. Also, Rue 21 jeans exhibit a broader array of washes.

However, consumers definitely get what they pay for with these jeans, due to their lack of authentic …
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