Public Relations Team

The Friendship Chain

An experience worth doing. I learned a lot about journalism that I have not known about. The campus is big but that didn’t matter. What mattered was the people around me. They are very supportive and never are to ask any type of questions. The best experience for everyone to have.

Edwin Hernandez is not really liking his experience. However, he did meet someone he can connect something with. He met Evelyn Avina through Jacqueline on the way to class.

Edwin found out that Evelyn was from Chicago. He found it cool because he is also from Chicago. He wasn’t nervous to talk to her because he is a “confident person.”

They started off with small talks. He didn’t want to throw himself right there and then. He didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. Small talks were better than having …
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People of HSJI: Profile of Jorge Godoy

Jorge Godoy, 16, poses for a picture during the HSJI Feature Writing class. Jorge goes to Muchin College Prep and lives on the south side of Chicago with his mother, father, sisters, and chihuahua named Friday.

Jorge Godoy only wakes up for long enough in the morning to endure the 18-block trudge to the L-station with his little sister and to get on the Orange-Line train headed towards his school.

“Things stress me out,” Jorge, 16, says about his life on the Southside of Chicago. “I usually quit on things (that I’m working on). I want to relax, so I stop.”

As soon as his head hits the glass window of the train, Jorge knocks out again for the duration of the teetering, half-hour trip to school. However, when asked why he doesn’t worry about missing his stop, Jorge …
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Love is Blooming-tons

Walking down one of Bloomington’s most popular downtown streets, Kirkwood Ave, local couple walks hand-in-hand. Affectionate couples can be found all over the Indiana University campus. “College is a great place to meet your future spouse. You are learning so much and expanding your horizons,” Kris Bausback said.

For almost 200 years, Indiana University has supplied students with an education, opportunities, and success to better equip them for their individual futures, but one thing IU has that isn’t necessarily advertised is the chance to find the love of a lifetime.

The number of people that find their future spouse at IU without even looking for one, is an endless and continuously increasing number. Even though numerous couples meet while attending or visiting the Bloomington area, the thing that makes each couple unique, is their story.

Henry and Kris Bausback are …
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Madi Tran- A Vietnamese-American speaks out in time of tension

Madi Tran lives the typical, American teen life. She spends her time working on her school newspaper, The Megaphone, runs cross country and enjoys listening to rap music. Being a daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, her life has another similarity to many Americans : she has been affected by the restrictions placed on immigration since the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

“I have family in Vietnam. I know recently, my aunt’s mom wasn’t allowed to come over [to America] because [the government] is so tight about [immigration] now,” she said about the harsh restrictions placed on immigration in effort to deter terrorism.

Born in Virginia, her family moved after the tragic events of 9/11, out of fear that living near New York was dangerous. Since her uncle was already living in Indiana, they chose to move to Indianapolis.  Since then, her family …
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Bloomington Offers Students Opportunity to Follow Trends, Set Their Own

Other than the commonplace IU swag worn around campus, many IU students venture out of the bookstore and into their closets to create outfits that show off their individual style. From distressed denim to a basic tee, the numerous stores and boutiques in Bloomington have unique pieces that help to cultivate the style of Bloomington.

When seeking out the latest fashions, IU students look to mainstream stores such as Urban Outfitters to add more variation to their collection.

Bluetiques on Kirkwood Ave offers clothes that are both stylish and affordable.“We have a lot of rompers and that’s a big thing that students are wearing because it’s easy to throw on. You can go out in it, you can go to class in it. We have a lot of chokers in a lot of colors that girls like. Simple stuff,” Bluetique …
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The Cost of Crimson

Entering any university, one of the biggest priorities on your list is money: how you’re going to earn it, how you’re going to spend it, and how to be smart with it.

There’s a sharp contrast between living at home with your parents and living on campus on your own. You gain a new sense of independence, as you’re learning how to incorporate your needs with what you have. How different students handle this new liberty vary. While some students struggle, others quickly learn how to find a good balance.

Sheila Raghavendran is a rising junior at Indiana University, majoring in media and minoring in history and theater. Entering IU, Raghavendran had to take on the new responsibility of budgeting. “I’ve had to just do it myself. I had to know that there was no one there to watch over me. …
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A Home Away From Home

By Ari Houston

Nerves surround each student as they leave the comfort of their parents cars, lugging mountains of memories and necessities into the small empty dorm rooms of Read Hall. For some students, this is not only their first year on campus, but their first time away from home and for IU student Meredith Hardy, she is no different.

“It was a big step,” Meredith said as she looks back at her first day on campus now, almost three years later.

The Indiana University campus is Meredith’s home for the next four years. She looks out the single window with tears in her eyes as her parents leave to make the trip back to her hometown, but this time without Meredith. She has to decide if she will let the homesickness consume her or if she will allow herself to jump into …
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Departing Home, Finding Journalism

Nerves raced up and down Emma Long’s body and butterflies filled her stomach as she walked into a classroom for multimedia at the High School Journalism Institute at Indiana University the summer of 2016. She observed the people there: the girls, the guys, the nerds, the kids who didn’t really want to be there, and so on. She heard the quiet tap of fingers on keyboards and defined beat of the soft music in the background. Everything will be just like normal; nothing has changed, she thought. Except, for the fact that, almost everything about her life had changed.

“It was kind of weird the first time I came back. When I was with my friends, it was weird because they just kept asking basic questions. But when I got to HSJI last summer, it was kind of refreshing because nobody knew me, …
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The Focus in Focus

There was a buzz in the air, a new energy that The Focus Newspaper hadn’t felt since their old adviser decided the time had come to retire. The newspaper tabloids that the students had been tirelessly working on were placed in neat stacks on the school desks.
The 20 staff members hovered around the brand new issue, sniffing that fresh smell of newsprint and admiring the color that was such an upgrade from their newsletter style, all black and white previous paper. The editor opened her arms and hugged the stack of papers like it was a teddy bear.

“The students learned journalism from my predecessor and I’m very different from him. He retired and he was one of those teachers that students really like but I have a different way of teaching and I’m much more hands on. That might be …
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Dining on a Dollar

As students transition into the next chapter of their life, college, they are faced with new challenges and responsibilities that their parents once worried about. At night college students come home to a pile of homework instead a pile of spaghetti on their plate. They no longer have the comfort of home by having a nice fresh home cooked meal. Students dinner pick is either a bag of chips or whatever they call the food at the Cafeteria. Either way they can’t afford what they really want. Maggie Tully, a rising Junior at Indiana University from Fishers, Indiana was just another student that had to go through this transition. Thanks to the help of Indiana University and Bloomington her costs of food, furniture, and fun have been very feasible and enjoyable.

“I’ve been so amazed of how quickly you just …
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