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The Bloomington Budget

Ramen for dinner every night, classes taking up the day and studying for assessments, college students don’t have much money or time in their days to make money.

“Find as many free things as you can. There’s so many options. There’s all kinds of things at The Union to do for free. Honestly just going to a house and watching a movie with your friends, making food with things you already have saves money,” Hardy said.

Recently Bloomington has been named the most expensive city in Indiana by the business analysis website 24/7 Wall St. Hardy and Lexi Eisert are both college students who have lived on campus and learned how to budget while living in Bloomington.

At the IU bookstore, students spend a substantial amount of money on necessary textbooks. Students had jobs over breaks or over the …
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What’s the Sitch with Salads at HSJI?

During the 2017 IU High School Journalism Institute (HSJI), if you took a quick glance across the Wright Food Court, one particular pattern would jump out at you. You would face a field of greens. 

At nearly every table, booth, and counter, students were eating salad. Caesar salads, cobb salads, taco salads, you name it. It seemed to be the most popular food item in the food court. Why was this substantial salad phenomenon taking place? Why was this lettuce-filled legacy being left? The answer lies in student’s ideologies, health issues, and plain-old random preferences.  

Wright Food Court has eight different restaurant options available to students, each offering a variety of fares. According to the dining services website for IU, the salad bar in particular has “three different kinds of lettuce, 18 different vegetables, 8 kinds of fruits, and 13 different …
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Greek Life

Taking part in a sorority or fraternity gives IU students a new type of college experience

Greek life can be dated back all the way to the mid 1800s. Since then, numerous fraternities and sororities have been founded and grown into something bigger. Now, when most people think of college, they immediately think of Greek life and everything that it has to offer for colleges and universities. Especially here at Indiana University, Greek life is bigger and better than ever due to the rise in members per pledge class in both fraternities and sororities. To truly experience the entire “college experience,” being involved in either fraternity or sorority helps out alot with gaining all of those new experiences.

At Indiana University, there is a total of 27 sororities and there is a total of 40 fraternities. With the huge wide variety …
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The Scoop on Hartzell's

A growing line forms out the door. The blistering sun beats down on the campus, despite the evening hour. A mob of eager students await their turn to enjoy a handmade frozen treat at the college ice cream hub, chatting in the carefree summer air. The August heat draws students from all corners of campus to the local-favorite creamery, Hartzell’s.  

“Hartzell’s is a family-owned business that got started not too long ago,” said Madison Lesko, a newly hired employee at the shop. In 2009, Hartzell Martel opened the Dunn Street  location. He runs several other ice cream shops under the name Jiffy Treet, also in Bloomington. The Hartzell’s mission statement promises to “provide customers with quality ice cream, unique flavors, and excellent service.”

When Hartzell married his wife, Hillary, they began to run the business together. “Hartzell hires mostly …
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What is the Most Historically Impactful Event to You?

Through the Hoop: 1987 IU Men's Basketball Team (Where are They Now by Amy and Alex)

Many have heard of one of the most memorable shots to go down in Hoosier basketball history. IU down by one. Six seconds left in the game. Smart making 15 points in the last 12 minutes. Thirty years have gone by, let’s see what has changed between this tight knit group of teammates.

The Team:

Keith Smart   Then: Point guard(Junior)   Now: Headcoach for the Sacramento Kings

Rick Calloway   Then: Forward(Sophomore)   Now: Owner of Alliance Construction

Daryl Thomas   Then: Forward and team co-captain(Senior)   Now: Assistant coach at a high school near Chicago and basketball instructor at Bulls/Sox Academy

Dean Garrett   Then: Center(Junior)   Now: Supervisor of racing and sports book at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas

Steve Alford   Then: Guard and co-captain(Senior)   Now: Head coach at UCLA

Steve Eyl   Then: Forward(Junior)   Now: President of Sound-Elkin

Kreigh Smith   Then: Forward(Junior)   Now: Farm …
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End of a Proud Era

HSJI staff give thanks and say their final goodbyes to Ernie Pyle Hall.

HSJI Says Goodbye to Ernie Pyle Hall

As Ernie Pyle Hall is closed and the School of Journalism is moved elsewhere, students and staff recollect their memorable experiences within the building while saying their final farewells.

Of Design Whizzes and Sewing Wizards

A magical tour of IU’s theatre costume department revealed there’s more than just journalists at HSJI.

Students Step Into a New 'Reality'

Sports writing students traveled to the baseball and softball fields to experiment with new sports technology. They truly saw a peek into the future.