Documentary Filmmaking

Farm Fresh Food: Fighting Food Insecurity

This documentary explores the challenges of and the local efforts to combat food insecurity. Kelsey Campbell, of Cedar Valley Farms, and Megan Betz, of Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, discuss the ways in which farm fresh food serves as a healthful alternative to inexpensive and non-nutritious foods.  

Documentary Produced by:

Brynn Stewart, Columbus North High School

Chloe LaVelle, Columbus North High School

Francisco Santillanes, Noble Street College Prep

Squirrels at IU

Indiana University is the home of the Hoosiers, but they seem to have a new rival in town. Are they friends or are they foes? This documentary film was produced and edited by Nicholas VanBibber.

The Impact of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an important and controversial topic, and as it grows and advances, there is more concern. This documentary video was created by Drake Danubio. In the film, he interviews experts and users of AI and ChatGPT. 

The Stigma of Mental Illness

Mental health awareness is very important and there are a lot of people that don’t seem to speak on this topic. This documentary video by Lauren Vazquez is to show that your mental health is important to everyone and your voice should be heard.

Journalism as a Career

Joshua Logan and Will Ellenwood interviewed a high school journalist, a college journalist, and a professional journalist about their experiences in the field of journalism. This documentary film highlights the ways in which the career progresses with age.

Breaking Fast Fashion

The Breaking Fast Fashion documentary was created by HSJI students Hannah Goings and Grace Schmidt. Breaking Fast Fashion focuses on the harm excess clothes have on our environment. This documentary discusses the sustainable practice of thrifting and upcycling.

The Rise of the Media School

In this student-made documentary, Chase Baker interviewed the Director of Communications and Marketing for the Indiana University Media School, along with one of the media school’s ambassadors, about how the Media School came to be. The Media School was established in 2014, and in this documentary you will learn why the Ernie Pyle Journalism School moved locations and combined with every other form of media at IU.

The Power of Advertising

Produced by Melanie Roberts, Thomas S. Wootton HS

This is a documentary highlighting the impact advertisements have on societal opinions. It touches on a specific example of the influence ads have had in the past, the dental hygiene message portrayed through Crest toothpaste in the 1950s. Following the history of ads through the very beginning up until present time, the documentary observes the shift in focus within the industry throughout the years in order for the ads to remain impactful to the public.


A hope for a greener future

Produced by John Lewis, Gilmour Academy

This documentary is an exploration into nature and it’s preservation. Ellen Bergan of the Sycamore Land Trust has an interview and describes her and her organizations work. The preservation of nature is something that must have high value in our society, and people like Ellen are leading the way through stewardship.

Latino Culture, Language, and Art

Produced by: Jennifer Rosillo, Healdsburg High School

This documentary is focused on the importance of Latino culture, language and art. You will learn that Latino culture is very diverse, as it is made up of places from all over the world. In this film, we will be mentioning the Latino culture in Bloomington, Indiana.