Documentary Filmmaking

The Power of Advertising

Produced by Melanie Roberts, Thomas S. Wootton HS

This is a documentary highlighting the impact advertisements have on societal opinions. It touches on a specific example of the influence ads have had in the past, the dental hygiene message portrayed through Crest toothpaste in the 1950s. Following the history of ads through the very beginning up until present time, the documentary observes the shift in focus within the industry throughout the years in order for the ads to remain impactful to the public.

A hope for a greener future

Produced by John Lewis, Gilmour Academy

This documentary is an exploration into nature and it’s preservation. Ellen Bergan of the Sycamore Land Trust has an interview and describes her and her organizations work. The preservation of nature is something that must have high value in our society, and people like Ellen are leading the way through stewardship.

Latino Culture, Language, and Art

Produced by: Jennifer Rosillo, Healdsburg High School

This documentary is focused on the importance of Latino culture, language and art. You will learn that Latino culture is very diverse, as it is made up of places from all over the world. In this film, we will be mentioning the Latino culture in Bloomington, Indiana.

The Beauty of Nature

Produced by Sal Scagnoli, Logansport HS

This documentary highlights the beauty of nature in Bloomington, and how people should appreciate and care for it. The use of archival audio and nature sounds conveys the feeling of intimacy with nature and how we all are connected to it.

The Art of People

Produced by Lydia Allerellie, Signature School

The Art of People revolves around LGBTQ+ Artists. Professional artists tell their story of finding themselves, finding their art, and how art allows expression of themselves. Love and Art connect humans together; this documentary shows how acceptance in this world is possible.

Blast from the Past

Produced by Belle Gerstmayr, Maine West HS.

This documentary is about how vinyl and thrifting, among many other things, have come back into the public eye as something popular. It’s aim is to ask the question “why do you think this is coming back after all this time, and why now?” The way this question is answered was to ask someone that works at a record store, and someone who works at a thrift store, both located in Bloomington, IN, because those are the people that are the closest to this topic, and know the most about it.  The way this topic came to be was the realization that these things already had existed but were suddenly thrown back into the public eye and we are being told that they are popular again. Why?

Our Time

Produced by Sal Scagnoli, Logansport HS and Fritz Henderson, Carmel HS

Our Time is a view of the documentary filmmaking class at HSJI. It follows Fritz and I through our experience here and what we learned from it.

The Culture of Bloomington

Produced by Maricruz Sanchez, Mansueto HS

I decided to go out to a very popular street and interview people. I interviewed the young and the old and asked the same questions. Every response was different, which demonstrates through what they say, however it eventually narrows down to one thing: love for Bloomington, IN, its people, and culture.

Built from Stone

Produced by Mikayla Owens, Zionsville HS

Following the perspective of an American gay teen, Ethan Moore, this documentary explores the personal perspective 50 years later after the Stonewall Riots of 1969. Using archives of gay liberation movements within American history, Moore’s perspective is compared and supported with evidence of the past to show that while Stonewall is now a distant memory, the lifeblood of LGBT community is still alive.