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Buskirk-Chumley Theater Unites Bloomington

By Jaycee Hendrickson, Northwood High School, Ivy Zhen, Carmel High School, and Penelope Roewe, Niles North High School

The atmosphere around Kirkwood Avenue bustles with energy as hundreds of Bloomington residents pass through the downtown area. While the avenue features a multitude of classic eateries and stores, one striking image catches the eye of every passerby: The glowing red ‘Indiana’ marquee.

Behind the glowing sign, lies a deeper significance absent from chain theaters.

“This is not a commercial venue,” Buskirk-Chumley Theater (BCT) marketing director Casey Rich said. “It’s about serving the mission of the theater.” 

Formerly known as The Indiana, the BCT has a rich history in the IU community. The theater was first established in 1922 by the Vonderschmitt family and has faced multiple management changes following the death of Nova Vonderschmitt and rise of chain theaters.

In 1995, the theater closed for nearly …
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AI lacks compassion necessary to replace creative jobs

AI is changing the world. One thing it has not changed yet, however, is human ingenuity.

Artificial Intelligence has been in the public consciousness ever since it appeared in 1984 in movies such as “The Terminator.” Humans have been trying to make life easier, and it has been no different in the 21st century. 

AI can simplify many of the daily tasks that people find annoying, such as organizing files and finding specific pieces of information within them. AI language models have been programmed to learn from their surroundings and perform a task based on certain assumptions. ChatGPT is one of many famous AI models that engage the world with its snappy responses and seemingly accurate information, with over 100 million people.

Erick Johnson is a man who takes pride in his community and culture, along with being an award-winning journalist, covering stories …
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Erick Johnson’s Journey In Journalism: The Power Journalism Holds

Erick Johnson gives his speech on why he is a journalist to Indiana University’s High School Journalism InstitutePhoto by Kris Brown

In a media landscape often plagued by underrepresentation and skewed narratives, one individual has been a voice for the often overlooked communities. Erick Johnson is a writer and editor for the Chicago Crusader Newspaper Group and a newsroom editor for the Gary, Indiana branch of Capital B, a local-national newspaper that represents Black voices. 

Johnson’s journalism journey began when he enrolled in a high school journalism course. Despite disliking the course, he won multiple awards for his writing. One day his interest for journalism sparked as he was writing a profile on a teacher. He won “most outstanding journalism senior” and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree at the University of Miami. 

Post-college, Johnson began reporting on overlooked people, …
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Threats of censorship influence young journalists’ publications

An Oklahoma high school censored for publishing a story discussing the impact of COVID-19 on teachers; a yearbook in Texas stopped during distribution due to their page on the Black Lives Matter movement; a high school article on the changes in their club elections process in Ohio denied — rising William Mason High School junior Taylor Murray said her own advisor limited their ability to cover important school news, including club elections, in fear of censorship from administration and overall backlash.

Freedom of speech remains limited for young journalists due to increased censorship. Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash.

The increasing severity of censorship in journalism has caused both advisors and students to self-censor in order to prevent possible censorship from larger organizations or administrators, according to Murray. 

With competing beliefs about the freedom of the press in today’s world, censorship …
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Urbana High School brings back varsity football team

Urbana High School football team plays Central High School back in 2017, this is the first time we will have a varsity team since 2021.

Finally, after two years…Friday Night Lights is making a comeback to Urbana High School. These past years low participation has caused UHS to only have a junior varsity team. This has not only brought fewer people to the stands, but it has also lowered the amount of games they’ve won too. 

Although the question in store is will Urbana students have already found a different sport to enjoy. Sophomore Lily Kacich  is one of those students.

“Soccer kind of took over football because they are around the same time and our soccer team is extremely good,” Kacich said.

Boys and girls soccer stealing the spotlight, the combination of time off, and only a JV team, leaving some …
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HSJI Students and Staff inspired to value passion over money in work

Erick Johnson speaks to HSJI 2023 students. Photo contributed by Emma Pearce.

Erick Johnson’s words reverberated through all in attendance at the Indiana University High School Journalism Institution(HSJI) as students and teachers alike attentively listened to Johnson describe the trials, tribulations, and joys of being a journalist. He highlighted the obligation people have to pursue a purposeful career and make a difference. 

 “Be the voice for the voiceless,” Johnson said. 

One of these many inspired students, rising senior Lauren Kopka, attends Hamilton Southeastern High School and aspires to be a journalist. She said she has a passion for telling the stories of others and views it as a selfless career.

“I just find it exhilarating and also gratifying,” Kopka said. “You definitely have to put the needs of your community on your staff and like your boss and your editor before you.”

Kopka, …
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 Hidden between the books at the Hamilton East Public Library is an unassuming treasure trove for Gardners that lays against the eastern wall. The packets appear to be just as they are, small opaque baggies containing a few seeds in them, but to the local gardeners who know about the Seed Library program, they represent so much more than seeds.

The Seed Library at HEPL was planted in Brian Howell, the Director of Community and Staff Engagement at the HEPL’s head while looking for new ways that the library could go beyond the books in connecting to the local community.

In 2017, the Carmel Clay Public Library had recently opened the doors of its own Seed Library, and had seen success within its community, inspiring Howell to bring it to his own.

“Brad Howell was the head of the whole effort, who first …
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