Big Cheese, Bigger Dreams

Bryce Schultz, a rising junior at Indian University, has worked at the Big Cheese for nine months.

Bryce Schultz serves a customer some “mozz sticks” a popular snack item at the Big Cheese.

Bryce Schultz has been working in restaurants since he was 14 years old, but he can immediately recall that his worst burn came from working at the Big Cheese food truck this past year.

“I’ve had a lot of burns, but my worst one was hot molten cheese fell on my arm,” Schultz said. “That was an awful experience while making some cheese fries.”

Schultz, a junior at Indiana University, spent a year looking for the perfect job that would provide a healthy environment but wouldn’t make him feel stuck. Now, having worked at the Big Cheese for around nine months, Schultz appreciates the small workforce that the company provides.

“There’s something …
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A snapshot of Robert Wormley

Robert Wormley, senior, steps toward his Web Programming class in Ernie Pyle hall July 12, 2016.

He prints photographs of rivers, teachers and beams of light on glossy, vibrantly-colored paper. He mountain bikes the terrains of dense forests. He blares the horn of his trumpet in the marching band. Robert Wormley is also openly gay.

Having moved 13 times, Wormley, senior at Floyd Central High School, said he grew up as a self-monikered redneck opposed to LGBTQ rights.

“I feel like it was a struggle finding who I was ” Wormley said. “It’s hard to talk about [coming out] because I still remember it, but I try really hard to not think about it.”

He said his tipping point between hatred and acceptance was when he surrounded himself with diverse, accepting people by joining the trumpet section of the band.

“I …
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Cultural experiences influence individual's world perspective

Emily Johnson’s travels up north are shaping her views of the world.

Junior Emily Johnson embraces Canadian culture during annual trips to Manitoulin Island.

The United States has earned its name as the Melting Pot. Its blend of cultures, races, and religion set the country apart from the rest of the world, but diversity doesn’t only take the form of non-white, non-Christian, and non-male citizens. Sometimes an individual’s experiences and background can be just as impactful.

Emily Johnson, 16, grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, attending Northrop High School. In the broad spectrum of things, her life as a caucasian female living in the midwest may not contribute much to the Melting Pot, but beyond the city limits of Fort Wayne, Johnson’s roots trace back to Manitoulin Island, Canada.

Growing up, Johnson took annual trips to her grandmother’s house in Canada. These trips …
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New school year, new challenges

Sydnee Marqueling, a rising senior from Northrop High School, is looking forward for new challenges.

Sydnee Marqueling, a rising senior from Northrop high school who loves journalism and theater.

Sydnee lives in Fort Wayne, a quiet town in Indiana. In contrast, there is a lot of drama going on within her school.

“This April, two people were hospitalized after using fake Xanax pills they got from another student on campus.”Sydnee said,”the 18-year-old who sold the pills was arrested and charged. Police came to school and it made the news.” Sydnee can’t imagine what will happen the coming school year while she works with theater and news.

Like other teenagers, Sydnee loves staying at home on weekends, sleeping. But, during winter and summer break, she gets to do special traveling. Sydnee visits her parents and grandparents in different towns since they separated. She …
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Meet Asia Porter

Asia Porter a junior at Mason High School and an avid writer.

She’s from Mason High School in Mason, Ohio and she loves to play volleyball. Also Asia Porter and her sister are exactly four years apart in age to the day.

When she was younger she enjoyed playing soccer, but as she got older she quit and went to volleyball. Another thing she enjoys doing is playing the piano at her church where she is involved in the youth ministry as well as several others. She was in her high school band but she had to quit when she found that it didn’t fit into her schedule.

When not at church, practice, or school Asia spends time at popular local attractions like Kings Island, Buffalo Wild Wings, and other spots around town. She also spends time with her older sister …
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Meet the HSJI Class of 2016

Tess Plazek introduces a few students attending HSJI this summer.