Historic Tivoli Theatre is Still Thriving Today

By Chase Monroe, Greenwood Community High School, Ethan Palgon, Johns Creek High School, and William Ximenes, Bloomington High School South

There are many large theater franchises, but none can compare to Tivoli. Tivoli Theatre, located in Spencer, IN, has been a staple of the small town for nearly a century. It was opened 95 years ago on December 21, 1928, when all the workers were just volunteers. Due to neglect, economic shifts and changing entertainment preferences, the historic gem came to the brink of extinction in 1999. After nearly being torn down, Tivoli was bought out by Owen County Preservation in 2005 and restored by Cook Medical in 2013 with millions of dollars in funding.

The theater was preserved because of its historical significance and symbolism in the community. When the theater reopened in 2013, much of its original character was preserved. …
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Streaming and Theaters: The Transformation of the Filming Industry

Going to the movies is a staple of American culture. The idea of a cinema screen, the smell of freshly-buttered popcorn, and the gasps of audiences in an emotional scene is an experience that Americans have enjoyed for over a century. 

Despite being a staple of American culture, we have witnessed significant changes in the movie industry. Recent technological developments and the COVID-19 pandemic have transformed how cinema is viewed by movie-goers and the business of showing films.

Recent lower theater revenue is attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, many cinema megaplexes began struggling even before the start of the pandemic. This is largely due to streaming technology. Streaming services have allowed for the creation of platforms that offer a multitude of choices for movie nights at the click of a button. More recently, streaming services are producing and screenwriting movies, specifically …
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Known for Decades as One of the Finest Theatres

By Deiana Forde, Greenwood Community Highschool

Evelyn Luevanos, Speedway High School

The Tivoli Theatre was known for decades as one of the finest theaters in the country. Almost a century later, the theatre stands tall in the heart of Spencer, Indiana.

Tivoli’s history has ignited the process of reconstructing the building after a 14-year shutdown.​​ The people of Spencer knew the importance of the theatre to their community, but nothing would prepare them for the connections it would make for so many people around them. Andrea White, the director of the theatre, knows first-hand the different relationships the theatre has enhanced. As she met her husband in the theatre. “During my volunteer time, I reconnected with who is now my husband, and it is with his influence that I decided to take the position of director because he was a volunteer here on …
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A Downtown Mainstay for Generations

By Lilly Essex, Carroll High School

Izzy Hunter, Muchin College Prep

Samantha Enciso, Chicago Bulls College Prep

The Indiana Theatre, or simply “the Indiana” to Bloomington natives, has been a downtown mainstay for generations.The Indiana had been the home for a variety of events and entertainment over the years. It had housed vaudeville acts, live music, and even a few movies.Casey Rich said,“Originally built by Vonderschmitts in 1922, it was used to be a silent films theater.” In November 1933, a fire threatened to destroy the theater, but miraculously, the Vonderschmitts were able to rebuild and reopen it within a few months.he cause of the fire was a mystery. Some said that the old film projector in the town hall overheated and caused the fire, but no one could be sure.Casey Rich said,“…white patrons were able to sit anywhere while African American patrons …
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It All Starts with Family


By Sara Carmona, Bloomington High School South

Roman Jackman, Gonzaga College High School


“It was taken in as a family, and it was delegated as a family. It wouldn’t have worked without the family.” said Mark Freeman, who was owner of the Starlite from 2014-2017.


The Freeman family did not originally intend to take on the task of running the Starlite drive-in in Bloomington, as the idea of purchasing the drive originally came from the friend of one of the boys, Ryan Freeman.


After taking ownership of the theater, Mark and Yvonne Freeman quickly made sure that each member of the family took on different roles and jobs throughout the theater.


“It was taken in as a family, and it was delegated as a family. It wouldn’t have worked without the family.” said Mark Freeman.


 “Everybody was all hands on deck,” Yvonne Freeman recalled.“Even my dad …
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A Timeless Revival of Bloomington’s Drive-in Theater

Gretchen Mundy and Haley O’Hare heard about the “Retro Night,” at Bloomington’s Starlite Drive-in; they knew they had to see it for themselves. 

by Cheyenne Farnsley, New Albany High School, Ashtyn Payne, Lake Central High School and Ava Lens, Lake Central High School

On July 18th, a crowd of families arrived at Starlite Drive-in to enjoy a free showing of “Shrek.” As soon as the opening song, “All Star,” began to play through the many radios, the crowd erupted into cheers and claps. 


Every Tuesday, the opportunity to enjoy a free older movie is offered as a “Retro Night.” The employees work hard to create special bonds with others in order to create a family – friendly and positive environment for both regular and new customers. This may just be the perfect thing for those relaxing popcorn-in-hand movie nights under the stars. 


For people …
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Buskirk-Chumley Theater Unites Bloomington

By Jaycee Hendrickson, Northwood High School, Ivy Zhen, Carmel High School, and Penelope Roewe, Niles North High School

The atmosphere around Kirkwood Avenue bustles with energy as hundreds of Bloomington residents pass through the downtown area. While the avenue features a multitude of classic eateries and stores, one striking image catches the eye of every passerby: The glowing red ‘Indiana’ marquee.

Behind the glowing sign, lies a deeper significance absent from chain theaters.

“This is not a commercial venue,” Buskirk-Chumley Theater (BCT) marketing director Casey Rich said. “It’s about serving the mission of the theater.” 

Formerly known as The Indiana, the BCT has a rich history in the IU community. The theater was first established in 1922 by the Vonderschmitt family and has faced multiple management changes following the death of Nova Vonderschmitt and rise of chain theaters.

In 1995, the theater closed for nearly …
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“The World’s Greatest College Weekend”

By Sameera Degaulle, Walnut Hill High School, Ryan Miller, Floyd Central High School, and Jalen Ferguson, Merrillville High School

Bloomington, Indiana is a town of traditions. From restaurants to recreation, the people here have created memories that will last a lifetime, and one of the biggest traditions is the Little 500.

Little 500, modeled after the Indy 500, is the largest college bike race in the United States and attracts people from all around and from all ages.

“It’s something everyone gets excited for, even the teachers, professors, and grad students,” said Cooper Hudson, a senior at Indiana University.

The Little 500 received so much traction that a movie was even created as a tribute to the race. The 1979 classic entitled Breaking Away follows the life of Indiana local Dave Stohler as he carries out his dream of becoming a cyclist.

The movie was …
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The Magic of Theatre

From the HSJI Newsroom: Noah Chaplin (Greenwood Community HS), Tanazia Deloney (Richmond HS), Gabriel Fields (Gary Comer College Prep), Ricky Jiang Ouyang (Gilmer HS), Donald Kane (St. Theodore Guerin Catholic), Allie Kaylor (Turpin HS), Calvin Prenkert (Bloomington HS South)

Theatre is an art that many enjoy but few understand.

Think of everyone involved in a theatre production. Your first thought is likely the actors, the director and maybe stage hands. However, there is a whole world off the stage.

The IU Summer Theatre program involves both graduate and undergraduate students to put on three productions. This summer, they are performing “Our Town,” “The Foreigner” and “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” Each show poses an interesting challenge to everyone involved.

The entire crew spends months preparing for a show, starting even before the actors show up. These people all have individual backgrounds and …
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A Taste of IU Bloomington

By Ricky Jiang (Gilmer High School) and Donald Kane (St. Theodore Guerin Catholic High School)