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Sliding back into an old trend

Slide sandals are widely considered one of the first forms of footwear, dating back to ancient times and civilizations, where the term ‘Jesus sandals’ derived. With it’s simple silhouette consisting of a foam or rubber sole and a thicker strap at the top of the shoe, it’s as simple as simple can get.

Its form is true to its name, wearers can easily slide their feet into the comfortable and (mostly) fashionable, trendy shoe, and be on their way.  While these shoes are not new whatsoever, they have come back from the dead from the ‘90’s, when they were worn as a casual, everyday shoe by just about everybody–celebrities or not.

Recent catalogs and collections are just like an episode of deja vu. Whether browsing the streets or the sheets of a magazine, slides are everywhere, and are being worn by sandal …
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Baby Driver masterfully combines music, comedy, and action

Baby Driver is one of the best movies to combine music, comedy, and action into one. Baby Driver was recently released on June 28th. The ratings have been through the roof with 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and 86 percent on Metacritic, two highly accredited movie review sites.  The movie has already made 61 million as of July 11th and is expected to make much more.

The movie is about Baby, the main character, who is a teenage getaway driver who is in debt to Doc, a crime boss. Baby Driver is characterized as an action comedy, but the movie would be nothing without music.

When Baby is the getaway driver he always must have music playing. He starts the song right when the others go in to rob the bank and the song hypes the viewers because the song isn’t …
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Study abroad isn't as dangerous as it's perceived

The scene on January 7th, 2015 in Paris, France was total chaos when two brothers, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, walked into the offices of the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Gunshots rang through the streets and police were under heavy fire. Ambulances filled the streets and paramedics were running back and forth taking care of the wounded. Just outside of France, IU students were studying abroad. The only thing that changed around them was an increase of police, but that was it. They continued to walk to the subway everyday and weren’t scared to go out at night. Danielle Samek, senior advisor of study abroad, remembers students checking in with her about their safety and whereabouts.    

I think the presentation should’ve kept out one slide about the cause of deaths, number of deaths, and number of attacks in Western Europe. The point …
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The Flavor of Bloomington

It’s almost impossible to enjoy Bloomington without this, and life is meaningless if it doesn’t have it. Any guesses? The answer is flavor, and Bloomington is chock-full of it.

Most people in college often get hungry, especially during free time. Searching for satisfaction, they often wander out into the food-filled environment of Kirkwood. Hungry for Thai? Have a sudden need for Greek food? Craving a sandwich? Kirkwood has it all covered. One such delicious destination is Potbelly Sandwiches.

“We fresh slice all of our produce every morning [as well as] all of our meats,” said John Krupp, an employee at Potbelly Sandwiches. “It really makes for a great quality.”

Many restaurants have fan-favorites that make them well known among customers. Noodles and Company has (you guessed it) delicious noodles, Dagwood’s Sandwiches has its “Where’s The Beef” and “The Dagwood Supreme,” and one restaurant that is …
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What’s the Sitch with Salads at HSJI?

During the 2017 IU High School Journalism Institute (HSJI), if you took a quick glance across the Wright Food Court, one particular pattern would jump out at you. You would face a field of greens. 

At nearly every table, booth, and counter, students were eating salad. Caesar salads, cobb salads, taco salads, you name it. It seemed to be the most popular food item in the food court. Why was this substantial salad phenomenon taking place? Why was this lettuce-filled legacy being left? The answer lies in student’s ideologies, health issues, and plain-old random preferences.  

Wright Food Court has eight different restaurant options available to students, each offering a variety of fares. According to the dining services website for IU, the salad bar in particular has “three different kinds of lettuce, 18 different vegetables, 8 kinds of fruits, and 13 different …
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The Dunn Family: A Living Legacy Rooted at IU

A White Flowering Dogwood in the early stages of its life growing outside of Franklin Hall.“The trees bring a sense of eloquence to the campus, providing a green aspect to not make it a barren landscape,” Jared Rigdon said.

The preservation of remembrance for one’s life is usually recognized as a headstone; however, the Dunn Family have set a legacy at Indiana University that carry their name in the thousands of green giants speckled around the campus.

After James Dunn moved to Virginia from Ireland in 1762, he began his family legacy that would soon include a judge, military leaders, and vocal abolitionists. The Dunn name was well-known for their persistent assistance to the public community, which includes land donations to many schools in Indiana, among them what is now Indiana University Bloomington.

As the location of Indiana University moved …
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College clothes on a college budget

     You’re walking down Kirkwood, looking for an Indiana University sweatshirt. How much could it really be? You are on a strict high school budget, anything over $20 is an investment. As you walk into the Indiana Varsity you see the one, the perfect sweatshirt, walking up to it you find your size and pick up the price tag. Your eyes bug out as the price of a regular sweatshirt is over $50.

    When prices can climb up to $70 for a plain IU jacket, students may be hesitant to buy. Luckily, there are locally owned and run IU souvenir shops for the college student on a budget, or for people just looking to save a little bit of money.

    “Some of my friends took me to the smaller shop called Tracks and I got an awesome IU sweatshirt …
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Disney's "Inner Workings" reveals key to life

By Anna Pohl, Cathedral High School

Opinion Writing

A monochromatic man walks past boisterous surfers and vacationing families to the Boring, Boring, and Glum offices to join the rows of similarly expressionless workers. Inside his sweater-clad chest, the man’s heart sheds a tear.

“Inner Workings”, a Disney short film, conveys the importance of balancing fun and work in a world which so often forgets this essential skill. According to Oh My Disney, the official Disney news site, a blend of computer generated and traditional hand-drawn animation depicts the internal struggle of Paul, an office worker, in a visually gorgeous style. Paul’s inner organs are revealed in illustrations reminiscent of old-school encyclopedia art. The majority of the seven minute film primarily features these organs, and Paul acts merely as a vehicle for the power struggle between the two main organs, Heart and Brain.

While Heart …
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Cuban refugees share opinions

Family are the people who love and care for you through every obstacle endured. They’re the first ones you want to see after a long, hard day at work. They can make you laugh and cry at the same time.

“(My aunt) didn’t recognize her own father since he had been gone for a year,” part Cuban Annie Aguiar said.

Living in Cuba is not like living in the U.S. There are young boys sent to wait in breadlines, in hopes that they’ll receive some food for the day. Work camps are set up for adults to work in before they gain their freedom. There is a communist dictator ruling over every aspect of citizens’ lives.

“Communism is one of those things that looks good on paper, but never works out in practice and all it does is cause people to suffer,” Aguiar …
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Pokémon Go app posing as a safety hazard and distraction for players

“Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.”

This is the warning that “Pokémon Go” displays as users are opening the application to go hunt Pokémon. “Pokémon Go” is an app for iPhone and Android devices that connects the virtual world of Pokémon to the real world. Players must travel to real locations to catch Pokémon in order to join a team and battle.

Indiana University student and dorm floor counselor Sara Miller came home last week after spending two months in London to find teenagers wandering around campus absorbed in Pokémon.

“The first night I was back I just went for a walk around campus because I missed being on campus and I missed Indiana,” Miller said. “Everywhere I went there were nerdy teenage boys staring at their phones and I was like ‘what are you doing?’ They …
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