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HSJI Day Five

Students reflected on the work that they finished on Wednesday, while some scrambled to finish with last-minute touches. The classes that produced video projects, such as documentary film, got to have a viewing session in the Media School’s screening room. During this, the TV Newscasting class got to finish their broadcast and watch it on the big screen in Franklin Halls’ Commons.

TV Newscasting did a live broadcast in the studio.

Lily Spagnolo on the TV News set.

Lars Lonnroth on the TV news set.

Leila Byers on the TV News set.

HSJI News anchors listen for instructions.

Lars Lonnroth on the TV news set.

Kaitlyn O’Conner on the TV News set.

Lars Lonnroth on the TV news set.

Lily Spagnolo works on the HSJI News set.

HSJI News anchors listen for instructions.

The students read off of the teleprompters when filming.

Lars Lonnroth …
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HSJI Day Two

Students woke up early Monday morning in order to make it to their classes at Franklin Hall. The larger classes such as Documentary Film and TV News got to check out the necessary equipment for the week. many students are excited to begin filming tomorrow for their package story or documentary. The other classes have been assigned projects of a smaller scale to begin working on journalistic skills like interviewing or working a DSLR camera.

HSJI Sports Broadcasting students learn the basics of photoshop in a media library.

Students learn the basics of camera and microphone usage in the commons of Franklin Hall.

“Birthday Girl” Ashley Johnson takes her newly acquired equipment back to the Documentary Film Class.

Lawson McAteer waits in line to get his equipment for TV newscasting.

Emma Long jumps right in to using the camera during class time.

Arts & Entertainment student …
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The Long Haul to Franklin

Get a glance at the exciting renovations being made to IU’s new Media School.

There and Back Again: An Aspiring Filmmaker’s Tale

Don’t be fooled by Bilqis Turner’s gentle countenance— she has a fighting spirit and unrelenting determination to achieve her dreams–wherever they make take her.

What a Week

As the last full day of HSJI is slowly coming to a close, I thought I would type up a quick reflection of my week here as a member of the PR Team.

A few new wrinkles in 70 years of HSJI

The High School Journalism Institute has survived a long time. Find out what has changed in 70 years and what never will.

Meet a Student from HSJI: Christina Johnson

Click and read to learn about HSJI Student Christina Johnson.

Meet a Student From HSJI: Nick Wagner

Tess Plazek shares some information about HSJI student Nick Wagner.

Meet a Student from HSJI: Gretel Payne

Jaelyn White shares some information about HSJI student Gretel Payne.

Farewell to Ernie Pyle Hall

As many may know, the Media School will begin moving into Franklin Hall, July 25. Since 1954, the journalism department at IU has been stationed in Ernie Pyle Hall. This building, named after the famous journalist Ernie Pyle himself, holds a special meaning to IU students, faculty, and alumni. HSJI students (this week and next week) will be the last group of journalists to be taught in Ernie Pyle Hall.

After next week, Ernie Pyle Hall will no longer be used to teach up-and-coming journalists.

In the Yearbook class, instructor Jeff Gabbard (and Janet McKinney who is not pictured) discussed the themes of yearbooks and what makes a good and bad yearbook with their students.

To “warm up” before the first session of the day, Web Packaging instuctor Denise Roberts led the class in some goofy stretches.

Many of the old classrooms that are not …
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