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The Magic of Theatre

From the HSJI Newsroom: Noah Chaplin (Greenwood Community HS), Tanazia Deloney (Richmond HS), Gabriel Fields (Gary Comer College Prep), Ricky Jiang Ouyang (Gilmer HS), Donald Kane (St. Theodore Guerin Catholic), Allie Kaylor (Turpin HS), Calvin Prenkert (Bloomington HS South)

Theatre is an art that many enjoy but few understand.

Think of everyone involved in a theatre production. Your first thought is likely the actors, the director and maybe stage hands. However, there is a whole world off the stage.

The IU Summer Theatre program involves both graduate and undergraduate students to put on three productions. This summer, they are performing “Our Town,” “The Foreigner” and “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” Each show poses an interesting challenge to everyone involved.

The entire crew spends months preparing for a show, starting even before the actors show up. These people all have individual backgrounds and …
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The Sculptures of Indiana University

What's the most important place to you besides your home?

Restaurants Not to Miss in Bloomington

What to Expect at HSJI

When signing up for HSJI I had no idea as to what I would be doing or what I should expect-I had never been before. While it was fun and suspenseful to wait until I was at Indiana University for details, I wish I had known the things that HSJI students would be doing. For example, if I had known how much walking would be done outside I would have brought lighter colored shirts so I could stay cooler. Also, some other students could have been informed about how much walking was involved and they could have brought tennis shoes instead of flip flops. In order to solve this problem for future students, I figured what I could do is create a timeline syllabus for people that are wanting to know what they are doing. As a result, this timeline …
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The Indiana University Memorial Union

Since it’s inception, The Indiana University Memorial Union has served as a central hub for both faculty and student life on Indiana University’s campus. Inside the Union, there is a wide range in services, restaurants, and activities all housed within one building, with everything from a hair salon to Burger King. However, the Indiana University Memorial Union hasn’t always been burger chains and salons. Click on the picture below to access an interactive map to learn more about the history of the Union.

While the Union doesn’t look dramatically different, there have been many renovations and extensions made over the years. Click on the photo below to view a comparison between the Union when it was first built and now.

 Today, the Union serves as a place for the IU community and visitors to play, eat, study, and relax. Inside the Union, …
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Study Abroad Gains Popularity Speaker: Amy and Alex

Teachers reflect on time at Ernie Pyle Hall

It’s the end of the line for Ernie Pyle Hall. At least as a classroom building.

On July 25, the Media School will move out of Ernie Pyle Hall, marking an end to the building responsible for teaching a long line of journalism students. After renovations it will house a career center.

The building has a long line of history, and the closing of it is bittersweet for many teachers at the High School Journalism Institute who have attended classes and taught there.


When did you first come to Ernie Pyle Hall?

“I was a student here from 1981 until 1986.”

What is one of your favorite memories of the building?

“I remember one of the first years I was teaching at HSJI it was about 1989. I had to do a big lecture in the auditorium. I knew had to get people’s attention, and my lecture was talking …
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Light Totem: An IU Tradition

Picturing the political possibilities