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Is College For YOU?

They were once just like us

Many people who work at HSJI today, once attended the camp back when they were in high school. Although the camps then and now had differences, there are also many similarities between them. Some HSJI faculty were asked to reminisce on their experiences as a student attendee and what it’s like to be a staff member now.

Watch the staff members talk about there experiences here.

Is College For YOU?

Tony Willis Teaches Interviewing Skills

What If?

Preparing for College

When old meets new

I am new to Indiana.

As a kid grew up in Shanghai, China and moved to Los Angeles in 9th grade. Indiana feels different.

This place has beautiful sky, large green trees and endless grasslands. But the road is small and narrow, the shopping mall isn’t ideal.

I came to IU campus, and I changed my mind. First, I met the cutest squirrels.

Indiana University is mixed with ancient architectures and new buildings, huge trees and saplings. The school has experienced seniors who master everything and incoming freshmen who know almost nothing about IU.

The media school is moving into the newly renovated Franklin Hall from Ernie Pyle Hall.

Saplings stand beside towering trees.

There is Global and International Studies Building completed in 2015 and Maxwell Hall built in 1891.

There is new Spruce Hall and Bryan Hall with rusted …
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Students learn to resolve conflicts

Students attend the conflict resolution break-out session to learn how to deal with issues that may arise on their staffs.

According to Diana Hadley, communication is key when resolving conflict.

On July 13, students attending the High School Journalism Institute attended break-out sessions to further expand upon their skills on newspaper staff. Among these sessions ranging from story ideas to editor roundtable was conflict resolution. Lead by Diana Hadley, students attendees learned to address and resolve conflicts that may come up on their newspaper staffs.

(left to right) Clark and Diana Hadley begin an exercise in which verbal communication is not allowed.

To begin, Hadley and her husband, Clark, performed an exercise in which there could only be non-verbal communication. In the exercise Hadley had to follow her husband’s lead who represented an editor in a leadership position. Hadley said …
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Johnson speaks about the delicate balance between content and design

Producing a paper with an appealing design while maintaining strong content can be quite the balancing act.

On July 13, Johnson spoke to students attending the High School Journalism Institute about content and design, saying a newspaper can not be strong with one but not the other. In his presentation he divulged tips to elevate the content and design of newspapers, magazines and yearbooks.


Working as Director of Student Media at Indiana University, Johnson has gained experience overseeing the design process that goes into a student produced newspaper and magazine. In the past Johnson taught at Kansas State University and worked to produce the Kansas State Collegian daily newspaper.


Throughout his presentation, Johnson defined five main talking points: content and concept, storytelling, visuals, packaging and white space.  He emphasized communication between …
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Shine on!

We are all different, yet we are one in the same.

In journalism today we think of ourselves as divided. Sports, Web Packaging, Features, Opinions, and so many more. We go to our own classes, stay with our groups, and stay separated even in our free time. It’s not true and not right.

In other cultures knowledge or information is considered illuminating, in other words it lightens the way, or it is light. Light as we all know comes from all different sources, like the moon, the sun, human made lamps, but all of them give light.

It’s just like that in journalism. We might present things in a different way, be it pictures, text, video, or a package. However it’s all information meant to inform and illuminate the path of our readers. So know while we are different and unique in so …
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