Pursuit of Podcasting

You may want to put your earbuds in for this one. Although phrase is typically the other way around, to draw your attention away from your ear buds, in this case you may want to tune in. Chloe Cohn, junior at Evanston Township High School, plugs in to speak her mind. Within the past year Cohn has found an interest in the wide world of podcasting. Genres that vary from comedy to philosophy, Cohn has tried a handful of podcasting topics. 

“I listen to a lot of podcasts. I don’t do much so I thought it would be a good pastime,” Cohn said. She has published five different types of podcasts since she’s started. Cohn likes to listen to podcasts from entertainers including Cody Ko, Scott Aukerman, and Connor Holmes. 

“As of now I see it as a hobby but it is …
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The Wild Side

Senior Abigail Arvin reaches out to her wild side by exploring the scenery that the Indiana University has to offer. “IU has such a beautiful campus and I enjoy every part of nature it has to offer,” Arvin said. Arvin lives near campus and plans on visiting more of what Indiana University’s nature has to offer.

While the majority of modern teens spend their time playing video games or watching Netflix, Abigail Arvin (12) prefers to spend her time exploring. The senior from Bloomington South High thrives in the outdoor environment. 

“I’m most comfortable in the outdoors with my closest friends,” Arvin said.

Her favorite things to do while amongst the trees are hammocking and hiking. Arvin just recently stumbled upon her love for nature and the wild. 

“The first day of summer this year, my friends and I miraculously ended up …
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Foreign Traveler

Summer trip of cultural learning

Being able to learn and understand another culture is something that excites many people. It’s no different for Naiyah Bryant. This junior from Evanston township has been working on understanding the Chinese culture since the sixth grade. Simply put, her interests were sparked by wanting to be different than her other classmates, because everyone else wanted to learn French.

Nayiah Bryant shows off her knowledge by writing “I love Chinese.” She started learning about Chinese in sixth grade, and recently took a school trip to China. Bryant said, “I really enjoyed seeing the culture through their high schools.”

In June of this year, Bryant was able to partake in an adventure across the world. Traveling more than 12 hours in a plane to visit the country she wants to know so much about. She traveled to …
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Going from Point to Getting to the Point

Senior Moving on from her Childhood

Striking a pose, Rosie Underberg, 12, Evanston Township High School, showcases a dance move that she has acquired over the years. “Dance has taught me so much and introduced me to some of my closest friends. I love all of the weird things that happen late at night [at the studio],” Underberg said.

5, 6, 7, 8—the music starts playing and another dance class begins. Although a long night is approaching, the dancers let the music lead the way. Tonight, at Dance Center Evanston, consists of three dance classes: jazz, ballet, and contemporary. Rosie Underberg, senior at Evanston Township High School, has enquired a love and passion for dancing over the past fifteen years.

“I love jazz, but also there is something unique about ballet and the discipline involved that I love as well,” Underberg …
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The Personality of Rylee Garza

A girl of many talents.

Rylee Garza, 12, of Crown Point High School is the design editor on her schools yearbook staff. Garza joins a group of young journalist at a week long workshop on the IU Bloomington campus. “My favorite thing about yearbook is making mods and designing stuff for our book,” said Garza.

She renovates old houses, can speak another language, plays the cello, and she wants to study psychology in college. Rylee Garza, who does all the previously stated activities, is going to be a senior this upcoming school year at Crown Point High School.

She is the design editor on her school’s yearbook staff and has been for 2 years now. Rylee wishes to pursue a career in psychology. She is also in the bio-med club at Crown Point. In the club she studies autopsies and learns …
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Personality Profile of Zach Kaminsky

Zach is a person with many hobbies, interests, and overall a great person

Click… Click… Click… That is a sound that he heard quite often Click… Click… Click… A sound coming from the tips of his fingers. He works with haste and great suave. All of this information he is observing and obtaining is glowing right off of his face, a bright computer screen sits in front of him and he knows exactly where to go and how to do it. This isn’t the only aspect of the by the name of Zach Kaminsky, senior who is attending Crown Point High School, in fact there are many other great qualities besides being technologically savvy.
Along with the technological aspects, Kaminsky has a brilliant mind and proceeds to excel in every course he has taken. Zach has some upcoming classes in fall which …
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Diving into new opportunities

High school student becomes a leader through her passion for swimming.

As boredom can strike any high-schooler, Ruth Cronin incorporates her hobbies into new jobs and opportunities for herself. Ruth has continued her passion for swimming as she will continue to swim on her school team her junior year at Zionsville Community High School. Ruth has been swimming since she was seven and has turned her hobby into a job and volunteer opportunity for herself. 

 “Zionsville has a lot of really good state swimmers and sometimes it can be overwhelming to be on a team with such competitive swimmers but I’m mostly just there to have fun and stay in shape,” Cronin said.

Swimming has always been an important part of Ruth’s life since she was a kid but now as a teenager she has found a way to advance her skills and …
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Evanston teen creates emotional outlet

Being a senior in high school can be a challenging time for everyone in the graduating class, juggling classes, college applications, and overall moving up in the world. Upcoming senior, Meaghan Haughey, a senior at Evanston Township High School, has all of that on her plate including running her own organization called moving your mind. It is a stress and anxiety reducing program that is for ages 11-18, her and her partner provide creative and physical emotional outlets that are healthy for the mind. 

Meaghan Haughey enjoys a sunny day at the IU campus. Another activity Meaghan appreciates is spending time with her community service club.

But it’s not just her.

“We are in contact with different organizations in Evanston, Indiana who work with underserved communities so we can get more people at our events,” Haughey said.

Some of those events is …
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City Girl

Senior Ana Bunas poses for a picture showing school spirit. “Evanston is a big part of my life and lots of us use school spirit to show it,” Bunas said. Bunas plays varsity badmition at Evanston.

Being a city girl can be a dream to some people. For Senior Ana Bunas it is a reality. Bunas lives just a short train ride away from downtown Chicago in Evanston, Illinois. “Chicago is only a 20-30 minute train ride away. For some people, a trip to Chicago is a weekend trip, while for my friends and I, it’s a day trip. Living in Evanston has allowed me to experience many atmospheres, like the city and its contrast, the suburbs,” Bunas said. 

Bunas attents Evanston Township High School in Evanston. “Evanston is known for their sports and inclusion surrounding different activities. There’s never …
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Dancing Queen

It is almost every little girl’s dream to be a dancer. Bloomington High School South senior Abby Arvin is living that dream. Arvin has been dancing for as long as she can remember. Starting at age 4, when her mother first signed her up for classes, she began her career in dance through ballet and tap, but evolved to dancing competitively on her school dance team. Now 17, Arvin is still dancing every day along with her friends and teammates, and loving every minute of it. 

“It is a creative form of exercise so it is still really fun but still good for me,” Arvin explains when asked what she likes about dancing. Abby shows no sign of stopping soon, adding that she is “Sticking with it because I have friends that dance.” She says will continue her journey of dance …
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