City Girl

Senior Ana Bunas poses for a picture showing school spirit. “Evanston is a big part of my life and lots of us use school spirit to show it,” Bunas said. Bunas plays varsity badmition at Evanston.

Being a city girl can be a dream to some people. For Senior Ana Bunas it is a reality. Bunas lives just a short train ride away from downtown Chicago in Evanston, Illinois. “Chicago is only a 20-30 minute train ride away. For some people, a trip to Chicago is a weekend trip, while for my friends and I, it’s a day trip. Living in Evanston has allowed me to experience many atmospheres, like the city and its contrast, the suburbs,” Bunas said. 

Bunas attents Evanston Township High School in Evanston. “Evanston is known for their sports and inclusion surrounding different activities. There’s never a dull day at ETHS because of their efforts to impact everyone,” Bunas said. At Evanston Bunas plays varsity badminton, played tennis, and was a part of a community service club. “Out of the three, my favorite is probably badminton. During my junior year, my team made it to sectionals and state, which was really exciting. I got to meet a bunch of new friends and play at a competitive level,” Bunas said. 

After high school Bunas plans to attend somewhere on the east coast to get a degree in the medical field. “Medicine has interested me from a really young age. My mom works in a hospital and seeing her working was always so cool to me. Although the shows that I’ve watched about doctors doesn’t portray the real job, I hope that’s something I could experience,” Bunas said. 

In her free time Bunas eats in downtown Evanston, shops at Old Orchard, and goes to the beach. “Out of everything I do in my freetime, my favorite would probably be going to the beach. Living 0 minutes away from the beach is a very lucky experience that many cannot experience. I like to take advantage of what lake Michigan can offer. Going with friends, talking to lifeguards, and swimming is what makes the beach so much fun and memorable,” Bunas said. Bunas enjoys to go ice skating in the winter in downtown Chicago. “Last winter, I went skating with my friend right in the city. It was really cool seeing all the buildings in the wintertime with snow on the ground. Ice skating was really fun, but we went on a really cold day,” Bunas said. 

Bunas works as a lifeguard at her towns country club. She started working this past summer. “I just started working as a lifeguard this summer at Evanston’s golf club. I’ve never worked as a lifeguard before, but I really like the job and the people I work with. I decided to be a lifeguard because I don’t think I fit into other job areas, like retail or food. I really like to swim and figured being a lifeguard is perfect for that,” Bunas said.

Story By: Allie Smith