Commitment in Every Category

Sophie Amick, a high school student at Carroll High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana inspires those around her through her commitment to all things she does.

Sophie Amick, a senior at Carroll High School and lifeguard at a public pool in Fort Wayne, beams with joy as she holds up her whistle, a staple in her everyday life.

Working as a lifeguard at Northside pool in Fort Wayne, Sophie Amick displays her passion for helping people within a single conversation. Her job at a public pool in a “sketchy part of town” has brought her to take her job seriously while still having fun. She says the most important thing she has learned throughout her time life guarding is that “[her] job is crucial to actually keeping people safe”. She says, “the title “lifeguard” is often downgraded”, as most don’t realize a lifeguard is genuinely responsible for the lives of everyone around them. Sophie uncovers her passion and dedication as she confidently tells of her five saves already this summer. Talking about her experiences, she says, “it gives you such an adrenaline rush”. This deep-rooted passion carries over into several other aspects of Sophie’s life as well, including her participation in diving this past school year, and most significantly her role in her yearbook class at Carroll high school.

Sophie makes it clear she is not typically one to jump into things in a hurry. Her decision to join her school’s diving team her junior year of high school wasn’t typical for Sophie. A week before what she thought would be tryouts for the team, she told her boyfriend, “I have to do it”. She says, “I felt like I needed to prove something to myself”. Undoubtedly, she was up for the challenge. Sophie soon realized there was no tryouts for the team and was forced to jump into the sport very quickly. Although it was entirely unfamiliar to her, Sophie ended the season in the top three on her team. Her dedication to everything she does is clear in that she worked hard enough to come from the very bottom to the very top within a single season. This passion and dedication for what she does is evident even in her academic life. Most significantly in her high school yearbook class.

In her yearbook class, Sophie holds the position of head editor. She tells a story from the summer after her sophomore year that captures her dedication to her yearbook perfectly. Her sophomore year she did not hold the position she does now, but was anticipating the role of student life editor for the following year. She says, “the previous student life editor handed me a list of tasks that needed to be finished for that year’s book and when I went in to finish them, there was an entire section unfinished”. Many students would turn away from such a large task, but Sophie’s passion for the book as well as her dedication allowed for her to finish it by the end of the summer, despite not having the proper tools to do so. Now as head editor, Sophie continuously pushes herself within her yearbook class and throughout every aspect of her life, allowing for those around her to carry some of that commitment into their own lives.