Compassion is Key

Senior Hannah Freeman was inspired to sponsor a child under the organization Compassion International.

Senior Hannah Freeman sits on a bench outside the Franklin Hall building on the Indiana University campus, July 12. She discusses her experiences sponsoring a child from Estonia named Titi. “One day,” Freeman said. “I hope to meet Titi in person.”

Nearly half the world’s population lives in poverty. According to UNICEF, of these three billion individuals, one billion are children. Hannah Freeman, a senior at Zionsville Community High School, had helped put one of these children in a position to receive healthcare, food, water, education and a bible. Freeman donated $38 a month to a child named Titi so he could get what he needs.

  “I was at a Mercy Me concert (a Christian band),” Freeman said. “They had a representative go on stage and talk about an organization called Compassion International.”

  The organization has helped 1.8 million children get access to basic human necessities and has been around under different names and leadership for more than sixty years. Freeman started sponsoring the child at the beginning of 2017. At only age four, Titi had just become eligible for the program.

  “I’ve sent Titi a friendship bracelet along with letters and small things that I think a four almost five year old would like,” Freeman said. “I pray for him and I’m happy I can help Titi.”

  Freeman had a job at a hair salon to help pay the $38 a month to Titi. She sometimes didn’t want to pay but with the job and the knowledge that it went to a good cause, she knew she could afford it.

  “In between acts a man told a story on stage about how a child’s life was changed when he was sponsored,” Freeman said. “I immediately knew I wanted to do the same.”