Cool Beans

It’s finals week, and many students are looking for nearby cafes to study and finish their homework. Students have different types of studying habits whether it be in a room filled with lots of people and noise or in a secluded area that is filled with silence.

IU student Nikki Fisher enjoys her Starbucks drink as she works her homework.

“Once a month I come to Soma for a change in scenery instead of being on campus all of the time,” senior Hannah Perkins said. “I also come to enjoy the coffee, wifi and to get some studying and homework done.”

Many students don’t just go to coffee shops for studying. They also go to them to relax and hang out with friends.

“I don’t come to Starbucks very often,” first year grad student Lauren Yadavia said. “I come here to relax and hang out with friends since it’s near campus.”

Depending on a student’s schedule it’s hard for them to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, relax with friends and get some studying done.

“During the summer, I come to Soma about two times a week,” IU student Chase Tiffany said. “I tend to come three to four times a week during the school year.”

Study habits tend to play major roles when choosing the right environment and atmosphere to study without getting off task.

“The atmosphere of Starbucks is relaxing with a nice aroma and soothing music, which is good for studying and homework,” IU student Nikki Fisher said.

Students study in places where they won’t be distracted by friends and in an environment that they are familiar with.

“I like to study in a place where there are people, but I don’t know anybody so I am not tempted to talk to people without getting off task,” Tiffany said.

The conveniences of coffee are another role due to tight scheduling and lack of transportation. Both Starbucks and Soma are near campus and are within walking distance from the IU campus.

“I have the app that allows me to order my drink, so I can get in and out quickly, but sometimes I stay and get some of my work done while enjoying coffee,” Fisher said. “I do this about three to four times a week.”

The closeness is key for students to make sure they are back on campus at a decent time, but they also take a liking to their surrounding.

“I come to Soma because it is close to campus, and I really enjoy the vibes here,” Tiffany said. “Soma gives off indie and hipster vibe, but it is very welcoming and not too distracting.”

Coffee shops can be the best place either to socialize, study for finals and other tests and for homework. It all depends on the type of person you are, the types of study habits that you possess.