Dedicated to Dancing

Student creates dance routines at I-fest

Liz Cuzco raises her arms in front of a clock at Indiana University as if she is dancing. Cuzco created and performed Latin dances at the annual I-fest. “I think my favorite [dance] would be cumbia because they have so many turns and spins,” Cuzco said.

After months of preparation, Liz Cuzco gathered with students of varying cultures, all from a network of 15 different charter schools, for her first year at the annual I-fest. At this festival, Cuzco and students from other schools performed dances from a variety of cultures.

“Only from sophomore year, junior, and senior year you’re allowed to be in [I-fest] and I’ve been a part of it since sophomore year,” Cuzco said.

The Chicago Bulls College Prep attendee performed Latin dances at the festival. Cuzco’s passion for Latin dance was sparked at a young age from her father’s band, which performed Latin music.

“When we would go to his band performances, I got really interested in listening to it,” Cuzco said.

The dance routines for the festival were all self-choreographed. Cuzco performed a mix of different Latin dances including cumbia, bachata, salsa and merengue. Cuzco developed a passion for creating her own dance routines at a young age.

“When I had my cotillion when I turned 15, I really liked creating my own dance routines,” Cuzco said.