Dedicated to Fox Pride

Senior Chloe Vanderlei is one to go above and beyond for her school of Yorkville High School.

“As the years have gone by I always try to do my best to be involved in school activities especially creative ones to get my ideas flowing and make my mark”. Vanderlei started going to public school in 6th grade. It was at this time that she also started becoming much more involved in school activities. In 8th grade, Vanderlei started working with the stage crew, and this continued on to high school where she just finished working as a crew head for her school’s most recent musical. Vanderlei is also involved in many student service clubs at her school, such as student council and student ambassadors.

When Vanderlei was asked about school involvement and photography she said “Being behind the camera has given me the opportunity to be more involved with my school other than activities I’m already in and get to know Yorkville High School as a community”. Vanderlei is excited to continue yearbook progress and growth in her photography.

A major passion of Vanderlei’s is photography. She is heavily involved in the photography organization H Collective, otherwise known as the HUB, which is a place for photographers to share their work and give and receive feedback. She is also currently working on organizing senior portraits for some of her fellow classmates at Yorkville High School. Vanderlei wants to take this passion and make it her future career, so she is also presently looking into colleges that can give her a good photography education and properly prepare her for making a living in the industry.

A major mentor for Vanderlei has been her uncle who is a professional photographer. “My uncle has critiqued my work, given me access to his equipment and given me helpful feedback on my photography”. Her uncle motivates and understands her passion, and gives her personal feedback from working in the industry directly himself. This mentor relationship serves as a great tool for improving her photos.

Vanderlei’s passion has been an outlet for her in becoming involved in many other school activities like yearbook and her school newspaper. Vanderlei pays close attention to detail and always puts her best into what she is creating. She is not one to take the easy route and wants to make sure she is representing her school in the best way possible. School involvement has served as a way for Vanderlei to have something bigger than herself to belong to. A community of other individuals with common interests to her own. Vanderlei has lots of fox pride and loves to help her school in any way she can.