Doin’ It for the Thrill of It

Future teacher plans to jumpstart her career by skydiving

Alydia Waggoner (12) sits outside of Franklin Hall in Bloomington, Indiana. Waggoner is originally Jennings County, Indiana. Jennings is partaking in a Journalism Program at Indiana University, but wants to pursue Purdue University for college.

Doin’ It for the Thrill of It 

Throughout high school, most teenagers adapt the same mindset: doing the most with the time they’re given and making as many memories as possible. For Alydia Waggoner (12) it’s all about chasing new thrills and trying new things. Waggoner, like most kids her age, looks forward to turning eighteen and having the freedom to try things she couldn’t try before. Her first stop? Jumping out of a plane. Waggoner has never even been on a plane, but plans to quite literally jump right in, or out, of it. 

“The starting age is eighteen, which is why I’ve never been able to do it before,” Waggoner said. “So, I’m doing it on my eighteenth birthday.” 

Waggoner also plans to try things like White Water Rafting and Cliff Jumping. 

The idea of branching out stemmed from the experiences Waggoner had in her everyday life. Waggoner works as a server at Pizza Hut, much to her distaste. 

“We don’t really make a lot of money, and I’ve learned to dislike Pizza,” Waggoner said.

Although Waggoner calls Indiana her home and favorite place to be, she plans to do a little bit of traveling as soon as time allows. Waggoner has already visited most of the east coast, but wants to go much farther, much faster. 

“Paris. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris. When I was younger I took up a sudden interest in France and the fashion district they’ve created,” Waggoner said. 

While Waggoner has many plans for the future, they all begin here in her home state of Indiana. Waggoner plans on finishing school and becoming a teacher- Although that wasn’t her original plan.

“When I was younger, I wanted to be an Astronaut,” Waggoner said. “Then, I heard about the death of a teacher in space and decided it wasn’t for me.” Ironically, Waggoner now plans to become a teacher, specializing in English.

“I owe it to my english teacher, Ms. Taylor. She’s been a huge inspiration for me,” Waggoner said. ★ Written by: Rylee Garza.