Double Legend

Sophomore Allie Smith quits sports to follow her dreams 

Sophomore Allie Smith has been playing sports nearly her whole life. Smith has been involved with playing basketball for seven years and running track for eight years. Every time she would play a sport, an injury would come over her or new interest would persuade her to try a new activity.

“I ran track, cross country and played basketball,” Smith said, “but I missed a lot of practices because I was putting myself into a new program that I did not know existed in our school, that my older family members showed me.”

Smith started to get involved with yearbook due to her older siblings. She joined as a freshman in high school but had to face some challenges on how to balance sports with being in yearbook. Smith did not know if she wanted to continue with playing sports and waking up early in the morning to go to practice every day for school. She decided to give up sports and try something new that she never heard of before.

“This year with being a part of the yearbook staff, I hold two editor positions–sports editor and exec editor,” Smith said. “My brother and sister were both high editors in the program, which put a lot of pressure on me to be like them.”

With being called the “Double Legend” in the yearbook program and at her school, Smith had a title to hold to her name. Following in her brother and sister’s footsteps, there were tough decisions if she wanted to quit playing sports and try to bring something new into her life. Smith saw that being a part of making the yearbook, she was interested in possibly studying journalism in college.

“When I joined yearbook, I became very interested in designing the book for our school,” Smith said. “It is what I want to go to college for and study more into designing and help me in the long run and is more useful for me; It was something I needed to do.”

Smith had to decide while entering high school if sports was still something she wanted to do but also had to have the love for playing. When new opportunities came Smith’s way, she learned that being a part of a brand-new atmosphere showed her something she might want to continue studying for her whole life.

Story and photo by Kersti Hash

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