Doubling Up

Martinsville senior finds happiness on the court and with her pigs

For most high school students, spring and summer are a time to relax, but not for this Martinsville High School junior! Erica Hedrick doubles up on hobbies, which  are in season mainly during the spring and summer months. Hedrick is involved with showing pigs and playing tennis. While these are not often paired together, Hedrick has maintained a balance and love for these hobbies.

Hedrick started playing tennis in the sixth grade, and now being a junior in high school, she says she’s been playing for about six years. Throughout her sophomore year, Hedrick played varsity second doubles. While playing tennis has been a big part of Hedrick’s life for many years, she shared that after high school it will likely become just a hobby.

Hedrick plays doubles on the tennis court, but that’s not the only thing she doubles up on. Aside from tennis, Hedrick spends her time showing pigs.  Showing pigs has run in the Hedrick family; when asked, Hedrick shared that her family has always shown pigs, and she got involved because she was basically born into it. “My favorite part of showing pigs is getting to see all of my hard work put into action when the fair comes around” she shared when asked what the most fun part of this hobby was.

Because of Hedrick’s time playing tennis and showing pigs, she has spent lots of her time outdoors. This has formed a love for the outdoors and time in nature. Hedrick keeps busy doubling in hobbies; showing pigs and causing a racquet on the court. These hobbies have definitely helped shape Erica Hedrick into who she is today and have made a lasting impact on her life.

Erica Hedrick, Martinsville High School junior, laughing with friends in the sun after class. “Tennis and showing pigs has been a really fun way to spend time.” Hedrick shared.