Dropping the Ball To Pick Up the Pencil

In deep thought, senior Laura Stancato prepares to write.

Transferring from athleticism to a passion in journalism. 

Who knew a love for writing would turn into an editor-in-chief position on the school yearbook and newspaper staff, but for Laura Stancato–it did. As a former soccer player, bigger opportunities arose in the writing world. Starting as just a talented writer in her English and journalism class, Laura decided to try and apply her skill on the newspaper and yearbook staff. 

“It’s just something I like to do,” Stancato said. “Something I am good at turned into a passion over time and I love being able to apply my work to different things in different ways.” 

Along with being on both student publications in her school, she has a blog that she writes, which is politically based. “That’s my interest,” she said. “I can right a paper about something political in like 10 minutes but if it’s something less interesting to me, then it takes me a little longer.” 

While being an althlete was a important part of her life, Laura decided that writing was the path that she wanted to take. “Anything political will grab my attention in seconds,” Stancato said. “That is my passion topic and I am starting to believe that it’s what I want to do with my life and for a career.”

In just a matter of time, she was apart of both student publications and taking on important roles as a section editor for the academic section in the yearbook and a year later as the editor-in-chief of both publications. “As far as my favorite publication that I am apart of, I would have to say newspaper just because of the fact that it allows for so much freedom,” she said. “I can write whatever my heart desires and writing opinion pieces over political topics is right up my alley.”