Explore an Experience

Herron senior discovers passion in traveling to different countries

  As the layover was almost over, she could feel the anticipation of the trip to come. Bags in hand, the sound of announcements and incoming planes rang in her ears. It was a long-awaited trip that had been on her bucket list since she had heard countless stories of Europe from her grandmother. Although she had mentally prepared herself for the journey, she still found herself struggling to find patience. After the seven hours passed, she found herself in unfamiliar territory—Ireland.  

   Herron High School senior Saffron Shore was invited to participate in the yearly trip, provided by the school, to Europe during her freshman year.  Alongside her were six unfamiliar faces as well as two teachers she had been acquainted. She spent her time exploring the towns and cities across the United Kingdom, observing the contrasting aspects the cultures.  

  Looking back, Shore found that some of the scenery she saw much different from the United States of America. The intricate architecture stood out to her the most. Before the trip, she had not seen buildings such as the Edinburgh Castle and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.  

   “Being able to look at places I had only seen in pictures and history books was amazing,” Shore said. “Having historical buildings within your reach is something I hope to do again.” 

    Shore’s experience in Europe inspired a lifelong love of travel and exploration of cultures other than her own. Prior to her trip, she had seen a movie that made her question everything that she had known before. It followed a group of women that had to travel to a river in order to get water, and the efforts missionaries gave in order to build a well. The travelers found that the well was being destroyed by the women because they enjoyed having conversation on their way to the well.  

  Being aware of the different ways of life around the world are of high importance to Shore. She feels people who never leave the United States of America are missing out on all that life has to offer. Shore believes that she will one day pack her bags and visit a country she never wants to leave.  

  “I hope to travel to more countries in the future,” Shore said. “I want to go to poverty-stricken areas, but I want to have more information and knowledge of the places I plan to go to” Story by Sophia Tomlin.