Falling in Love with a Feeling

HSJI student shares her love of travel, spreading joy

Kennedy Fisher, rising junior at Hamilton Southeastern High School, wears her Mickey Mouse backpack around camp and shows off her love of Disney World.
“I have everything Disney. I have earrings and rings I’m wearing that I got from Disney,” Fisher said.

She fell in love with the feeling. It was the annual family tradition that she looked forward to each year that made the most memorable impact on her life. Kennedy Fisher, a rising junior at Hamilton Southeastern High School, has experienced these meaningful moments every year since she was two years old. For her second birthday, she went to Disney World with her family. She fell in love with the feeling and atmosphere of Disney as she got older, and ever since then, she goes yearly. Whenever in Disney, Kennedy eats a lot of churros and loves to get spicy chicken and waffles in Fantasy Land. Her experience there has always been extremely fun and enjoyable. 

“There are no bad days in Disney and everybody is happy,” Fisher said.

One of her favorite things to do there is spreading the joy of Disney by gifting a balloon to kids. 

“I love seeing the kid’s face light up when I hand them the balloon,” Fisher said.

Disney is the happiest place on earth for her. The adventures there have led her into potentially pursuing Business Entertainment at Belmont University and in the future, working at Disney World. 

Not only has she traveled to Fantasy Land and the Magic Kingdom, but Kennedy has traveled to other countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Canada. She loves to travel and always learns something new about the places and herself. 

When Kennedy is not traveling around, she is in Hamilton Southeastern’s yearbook class. Having been on staff for half a year, she has taken on the responsibility of leading the Sports Section as the editor. She chose to be in sports because she is an extrovert and likes interacting with fans and players at the game. This year, Kennedy hopes to find a way to involve the student body on the yearbook spreads, gathering feedback and targeting what the readers are interested in reading about.