Fan Fiction Fanatic

Senior Gabrielle Steinacker is a fan fiction fanatic

Gabrielle Steinacker, a senior at Carroll High School loves both reading and celebrities which is a formula for a fan fiction, fanatic.

“I like to read fan fiction. Fan fiction stories based off of celebrities like Harry Styles and other celebrities. I like fan fiction because some of its plot is better than regular fiction because the plot isn’t as cliché as just physical book and allows me to be more immersed in an original plot,” senior Gabrielle Steinacker said.

Steinacker, enjoys fan-fiction now but that was not always the case.

“I started reading fan fiction about five years ago, it was a little after the time I got into One Direction. My friends told me about fan fiction and I thought it was a waste of time, and I did not really see a point in it. However, one day I found one good story on Wattpad about Harry Styles and that changed everything.  From their I got hooked on it, and I would read all the time, when I was not doing homework and I would stay up all night just to read Wattpad,” Steinacker said.

Writing fanfiction is hard to balance when having an everyday life as a highschool student.

“I tried to writing fanfiction, about three years ago but eventually abandoned it because I was busy spending time with friends and school.  Eventually I completely forgot about writing fan-fiction,” Steinacker said.

Steinacker’s love for Wattpad, an online fanfiction publishing website, took off and is still a favorite today.

“Wattpad allows authors from all over to publish, their own fanfiction. Wattpad is an essential to my life because whenever I have a band or movie or TV show, I like to become immersed in them. Fan fiction are stories based on celebrities, I love to go read all the fanfiction about my favorite celebrity. I love to see authors put celebrities in different plots. It is cool to see how authors interpret celebrities, and to see the way authors put them in the plot,” Steinacker said.

Steinacker, is a fanfiction fanatic, but every once in a while she  enjoys fiction.

“I prefer fan fiction, but I like fiction too.  I do not have a favorite book, But if I had to choose it might be “Book of lies,” is one of my favorites and it is a historical fiction, connects the story of Cain and Abel combined with pop culture. The main character tries to find the rock that called Cain and Abel. I did just read “Call me by your name” and it was good. It was a love story,” Steinacker said.

Fan fiction readers like to write their own fan fiction stories.
Senior Gabrielle Steinecker, looks over her notebook. Caroline Marot photo