Finding Faith in Serving

High school student learns importance of goodwill through christian youth group

Mia Augsberger, rising senior at Crown Point High School, writes in chalk on the sidewalk. “I’ve kinda learned that taking care of others will not only make you feel good but you’ll be taking care of the community as well,” Mia said. Mia has discovered her values through joining her new church’s youth group.

Altruistic action has been a common theme through both the work and the passions of Mia Augsburger. Until joining “Young Life,” a national non-profit church youth group, Mia didn’t feel that connected to her faith. 

Before, she was a cheerleader and a social media editor for her school, Crown Point. Before Young Life, she wanted to go to college and go into media, but these are no longer certainties, for Mia, that’s exciting. Last year, Mia went on a service trip with her youth group to Pocahontas County, WV. Together, with 15 or so other teens, she helped out at a local church camp and in its surrounding environment. 

In reflection, Mia said, “Some of those kids, they take a bus to the school, and it’s a two hour bus ride because of how rural the area is. And I didn’t go the year before but some of the other kids did and they remembered the kids and the kids remembered them.”

 In between her job at a local Café; where she’s often seen writing inspirational quotes on coffee sleeves, and her newfound connection to faith, this past year has been a formative year for Mia. When talking about her service work, Mia said “It’s cool to know that I’m putting something positive forth for other kids’ experiences.” This youth group is more than a club or a community or somewhere to go when not in school; it’s an authentic learning experience and an opportunity to “put more kindness into the universe.” 

With her final year of high school approaching rapidly and college looming on the horizon, the idea of leaving behind the typical 9-5 office job for a travel and service based life has become more appealing for Mia, “I connected all (of) my dots and it kinda opened my eyes to being a missionary and doing mission work.”