Finding the Perfect In Between

Art and math may seem like polar opposites of each other, but Sydney Greggs has found a way to combine them both.

Sydney Greggs has always had a love for art. Her art teacher at Sullivan High School in Sullivan, Indiana has had a lot to do with that. Her teacher, Tony Cox, allowed Greggs to exercise her creativity that a school environment can sometimes squander. He tells it as it is and doesn’t hold back on his critiques. Greggs finds this to be the most effective way of learning about art. The sometimes-frightening teaching style has provided Greggs with the space to develop her passion for all kinds of art. Cox has been a huge influence in Greggs’s life and always pushes her to be the best she can be. Greggs remarks that she is a visual learner, always taking notes by drawing pictures rather than writing a typical set of notes. Greggs is also a logical thinker. She loves the feeling of being able to work through a problem, especially a mathematics problem. Math has always come naturally to her. Greggs loves how math always has an answer and a specific way of getting to that answer. She has always struggled with finding a way to combine her two seemingly contradicting passions.

After being the one person from her school nominated to attend the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar by her teachers, Greggs spent three days at the University of Indianapolis campus learning from speakers on how one can make a difference in one’s school and how one can become a leader. She notes it as the “best thing she has ever been to.” Greggs learned lifelong skills and got extremely close with her cohort. At H.O.B.Y., Greggs signed up for a Lunch with the Pros session and stumbled upon architecture. Her initial choice, graphic design, was already filled, so architecture was a fallback, which she now is very grateful for. The lunch changed the way she thought about her future. She’d always thought she would go into business and keep art as just a hobby. But H.O.B.Y. showed her that she could incorporate art into her daily life. Greggs had been told by her dad to “find what you love, find what you’re good at, and then find something that combines those two things,” but she had never known what that meant. After the lunch, it all made sense. She heard from the architect all about the profession – how much school he had to complete, what he does day-to-day, and what his highlights are – and it deeply resonated with her as something she knew she would like.

Indiana University has many beautiful buildings to admire. Future architect but current junior at Sullivan High School, Sydney Greggs, enjoys the sites of the IU campus.

At H.O.B.Y., Greggs was able to learn much more about the field of architecture at a university. H.O.B.Y brought many colleges to the seminar to further develop the student’s hopes and dreams. She looked at different schools in Indiana and learn about the different architecture programs. After ruling out schools that weren’t able to provide what she wanted, everything led her to Ball State University. Ball State has an exceptional College of Architecture and Planning which would provide her with all of the tools and resources to have a successful career in architecture. She plans on visiting the school to learn even more about it.

A career in architecture allows the use of skills in both art and math and create a product. Greggs remembers the professional telling her that he knew he found the right profession after he was able to physically go into the building that he had worked on for months and months on paper. That feeling is what Greggs is most excited about when she thinks about her future in architecture. Though it may seem like she is ready to jump into the world of architecture, Greggs is not without fear. Given the small size of her school, they don’t offer any pre-professional classes in architecture. However, Greggs believes that she will be able to make her aspirations come true.

It isn’t common for a 16-year-old to know what she wants to do with her life. But Sydney Greggs isn’t like everyone else. With high hopes and big dreams, she knows she can make an impact on the landscape of America.