Foreign Traveler

Summer trip of cultural learning

Being able to learn and understand another culture is something that excites many people. It’s no different for Naiyah Bryant. This junior from Evanston township has been working on understanding the Chinese culture since the sixth grade. Simply put, her interests were sparked by wanting to be different than her other classmates, because everyone else wanted to learn French.

Nayiah Bryant shows off her knowledge by writing “I love Chinese.” She started learning about Chinese in sixth grade, and recently took a school trip to China. Bryant said, “I really enjoyed seeing the culture through their high schools.”

In June of this year, Bryant was able to partake in an adventure across the world. Traveling more than 12 hours in a plane to visit the country she wants to know so much about. She traveled to Chengdu and Beijing, staying there for 10 days. She was fortunate enough to stay with a host family. 

“My host mom was so welcoming, I cooked with her and got great at making dumplings!” said source. This trip really challenged Bryant to use her knowledge of the language and her opinions on certain issues. 

“I am much more grateful for the privileges that I have in the US and I am much more adventurous with my food choice.” said source. The trip not only changed her outlook on culture assortments, but also changed the outlook on how grateful she is. China is an amazing country, but she’s thankful for the many benefits of living in the US. 

Along with being able to experience an otherworldly vacation, she was able to see a friend that she made earlier in the year. In January a girl from the host family she stayed at in China, stayed with her family. This experience opened her eyes to the possibility of becoming a foreign exchange student, and now it really interests her.

Hopefully, the knowledge of this culture will allow her to study abroad in China. The goal is to minor in Chinese and major in child education. For her, the future is about becoming an elementary school teacher.