Goes the Mile for the Smile

Nelson Talks About How She Embraces Anxiety and Cares for Others and the World

Sara Nelson, a junior at Carroll High School, taking in the good weather in the beautiful nature setting. “I care so much about the planet we live on, and not only how it affects us but how it affects other species.”

A happy and bubbly girl who can also be slightly nervous in some situations, Sara Nelson is most importantly the type of person who cares about the way she interacts with other people and the change she can make in the world. Nelson sincerely cares about making sure that those around her feel appreciated and cared for.  

Since she was little she was the person who wanted to make whoever she talked to smile. “ I have always loved the entertain people so I would write and perform concerts and plays for my parents,” Sara said. She does not necessarily want to be the center of attention because situations in which all eyes are on her are not what she likes to be in. 

Therefore, Sara would describe herself as a “introverted extrovert” she likes to make people happy while acting as an advocate for her peers, but she “struggles with public interactions at times.” Despite this slight struggle, Sara handles it well, she always knows what to say. She is who people look to when they don’t know what to do, a leader. An exceptional leader because even though she faces anxiety at times she finds a way to cope and act confidently.

Whether it be caring for people in her family or the environment, Sara has always been aware of how she acts. When she was younger Sara and her brother “were at times a lot for their parents to handle.” Sara wanted to give them the opportunity to have “the best time they could she made them dinner and told them to wait for the best show ever.” Sara jokes that even though it may have not been the best song ever it made for a story that still gets told and always brings a smile to her parents’ faces, and that’s the goal. 

Sara, truly fights for others to be happy and for the world to better. She accomplishes this by doing small things even if that is just putting on a show for her parents or by picking up trash on the side of the road. “It takes the small things to make big change”