Going Bananas

As an aspiring conservation health professional, Sarah strives to consistently keep her report card stacked with straight A’s. She is like many hardworking students – dedicated yet discontented, “[It] can be very frustrating. But I want to be in the conservation medicine field, which is incredibly competitive, so I’m trying to keep my eye on the ball in order to be accepted into a program.”

For those who are unaware, conservation medicine revolves around the studies of relationships between humans and animals. Sarah is specifically intrigued with gorillas because of their DNA similarities with humans. Gorillas are able to interact and communicate with people, which is why Sarah finds them to be so fascinating. “I wanted to do something that helped the world and I’ve always like animals. Then I read more about the issues with gorilla conservation and became passionate about it.”

 Sarah is one with nature. Not only does she embrace various species and the connections and qualities that we share with them, but she also enjoys her time outdoors, often canoeing, zip lining, and hiking. Although these activities are often enjoyed in solitude with a pair of earbuds and a song to bop to, Sarah loves to be with her friends. However, she prioritizes her family above all, “I have a twin sister but we are polar opposites… but at the end of the day, we both have each other’s backs.”