Greek Life

Taking part in a sorority or fraternity gives IU students a new type of college experience

Greek life can be dated back all the way to the mid 1800s. Since then, numerous fraternities and sororities have been founded and grown into something bigger. Now, when most people think of college, they immediately think of Greek life and everything that it has to offer for colleges and universities. Especially here at Indiana University, Greek life is bigger and better than ever due to the rise in members per pledge class in both fraternities and sororities. To truly experience the entire “college experience,” being involved in either fraternity or sorority helps out alot with gaining all of those new experiences.

At Indiana University, there is a total of 27 sororities and there is a total of 40 fraternities. With the huge wide variety of people in each sorority and fraternity, every person has a place that they would fit into if joining Greek life was a consideration for them. With having all these people, Greek life is always having something going on to give everybody something to do. There is a numerous amount of events going on year round for Greek life participants to take part in and experience even more than ever before.

One of the biggest events during the year that Greek life holds is the Little 500. The Little 500 started back in the year 1951 and it is a bike race in which the bikers are participants in Greek life. This past year the attendance was higher then ever, and most of that attendance was because of all the sorority and fraternity students taking part in the event and cheering on their sorority and fraternity members that were racers. On one day they have the women’s race, and on the next day they have the men’s race. This way, the fraternities can support the sororities and vice versa.

Another one of the biggest philanthropy events during the year is the Indiana University Dance Marathon. The dance marathon is 36 hours long and all of the money donated goes to Riley’s Children Hospital. IUDM is one of the biggest dance marathon’s in the United States and one of the biggest donation sources to Riley’s. The motto for the dance marathon is FTK (for the kids) because all of the money donated goes straight to helping the kids that need the help. This past year, 2016, just over $4 million was raised by IUDM participants and went straight to Riley’s. This was the highest amount of money that has ever been raised for IUDM, and next year the participants are aiming at breaking their goal yet again.

Greek life has a huge variety of events going on year round and that gives everybody the chance to find something they love, or they can love everything and take part in all events. No matter the person, they can always find the right fraternity or sorority for them. Other than the obvious of making a vast amount of new friends, Greek life will give participants some of the best experiences of their life. Why would anyone want to turn that down?

Leading up to the date of IUDM, sororities and fraternities host events to try and raise more money for Riley’s. Hanna Van Prooyen, junior, takes part in a walk that sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma hosted which honors Ashley Louise Crouse, past IUDM Executive Council member who passed away from a car accident, and Ryan White, child who lost his battle against AIDS which was brought about by contaminated blood transfusions for his hemophilia. “It’s an honor to be able to walk in their honor to support such an amazing cause that holds a special place in the hearts of thousands of students at IU,” Van Prooyen said.