Hannah Crail Profile

Upon first glance, Richmond High School senior Hannah Crail may seem like the average teenage girl, obsessed with boys and shopping. But with a little pressure, she opens up about the things that she loves.

“On the inside I have a secret. I really like to watch videos of people doing Goth makeup. They make me laugh,” Crail said.

A life-changing moment in her life was the transition from middle school to high school. This is a moment that for many students can spell out the rest of their life.

“In middle school I really wanted to be punk rock. I had pink hair and I only wore all black, and like I had two friends. But once I came to high school, I got more friends; and now I know that they have my back,” Crail said.

Since coming to high school, Crail joined the yearbook staff, where she is in charge of the student albums. Also, she works at a local restaurant, and she has an internship where she goes out during school to help clean up the local forest trails.

“High school has really helped to push me to be who I am, and to do whatever I set my mind to; and I’m so grateful for that,” Crail said.