Hello. How many?

Morgan is so proud of her job, she stands outside Franklin Hall of Indiana University, sporting her work attire. “I am really thankful for this job, it has taught me so much.” Morgan plans on continuing her job until she attends college next fall.

A teen’s temporary job with lasting impacts for the future

Working tons of hours a week, balancing school life as well as a social life, and working as a teenager is a learning process. For many adults, a working life begins during their teen years and the lessons learned are used in the real world. Morgan Cesinger, a seventeen year old from Sullivan, Indiana, spends her days in the local pizza joint, Backstreet Pizza. Morgan’s job as a hostess, requires constant social interaction with the locals coming for a meal.

Morgan, searching for a job, wanted to find an employer that was easy to work with and laid back. Older brother Riley works as a doughboy at the same restaurant and Morgan enjoys the challenge of working with her sibling.

“It can be really difficult sometimes when we are really busy and things need to get done because everyone is focused on their own task. But when the business is slow, Riley will come up in the front and we are able to talk and enjoy each other’s company,” Morgan said.

Morgan is also able to appreciate the relationship of her other co-workers and their surprising relationships. “Working with a variety of ages is exciting because at first I didn’t think I could build relationships with the adults working there but working together you get really close with everyone.”

Morgan believes a near future stocked with creating relationships with the public will be easy, all thanks to the skills she had acquired working will guide her in a career.  Morgan’s goals for her future in the human body science is to become a hematologist, a branch of human medicine that studies and prevents disease. 

“Being able to communicate with others in terms they can understand is really important,” Morgan said.  She believes her young adult job taught her quick learning, teamwork and effective communication skills will ease the transition from teen temporary job to adult career in the journey of life.