Helpful Outlets

HSJI camper finds outlet in writing

Growing up in a split parent household can be extremely stressful and they may feel more emotional due to it. Those same teens have to find an outlet for all those emotions which can be very hard, but for Luke Bisesi he found his outlet from writing and exercising.

When growing up he moved around a lot and felt like he had nobody to talk to so he started writing to reflect on most things in his life, including the emotions, “When I’m writing, I can express all my bottled up thoughts on to a piece of paper. When I’m working on an interview or story, I try to express my own thoughts in different ways, whether  it is in the form of writing questions that reflect my feelings or writing stories that hold an importance to me.”

Bisesi also finds a release from all the emotions of family issues by exercising or just small physical activity “When it comes to releasing physical stress, I’ve realized that exercise is the best vehicle for that. Whenever I’m overwhelmed with an assignment or other factor in my life, it helps to go on a run, play basketball, or even swim in order to get my mind off my day,” Bisesi said. Throughout his life he has exercised more in the past few years because he has found some issues with his own self reflection. A problem that he focused on that has come from exercising is his relationship with his father, his father was his basketball coach for much of his life and after he quit he had to find new things to bond with his father on.

Overall Bisesi has found many different outlets that he can do after a hard day to get his mind off things. The creative outlets he has found are writing and exercising and they have helped him a lot in the past few years many of the things he has found to do have been extremely creative which is also a very good way to become a de-stressed

“The camp was the perfect opportunity for me to improve my journalism skills because of how new I am to the subject. When I’m writing, I can express all my bottled up thoughts on to a paper.”