High schoolers preview college life at IU’s summer journalism camp

Students from across the United States gathered at Indiana University for the 73rd annual High School Journalism Institute (HSJI) on July 8. High schoolers stay in the dorms for a week and attend lectures and workshops similar to college classes.

“[HJSI is] really putting the college life into perspective,” Valparaiso High School senior Isabel Johnson said. “I’m excited to hop into that life.”

Campers also had the opportunity to explore the university independently and during free time, whether that be going to the dining hall or visiting shops in downtown Bloomington.

The size of a school is a factor in the college process. FastWeb writer Elizabeth Hoyt lists campus size as the third most important factor in choosing the best fit college. Indiana University itself is a bigger school with more than 30,000 undergraduate students. 

“It’s a lot of walking for sure,” Yorktown High School junior Ria Agarwal said. “But I think it’s more of a good thing than bad, just because you get a lot of exercise.”

Although the college size students prefer differs, some HSJI attendees stated that the program and IU campus demonstrated their desire for a larger school.

“I’ve always really loved IU,” Agarwal said. “But this week has showed me how much I want to go here because I really love the campus and the vibe and the people.”