Hit The Wall Hard

High school student makes her birthday wish come true

Swimmer Olivia Franklin discusses her passion for the sport while standing outside Franklin Haul at Indiana University.

The seconds ticked by on January 5th, 2017 as Sophomore Olivia Franklin reached for the wall knowing she was about to hit her personal record for swimming. Tears began forming as she took her last strokes for her mid-state competition. Out of 20 different swimmers she was within the top 10 of them for the 200 freestyle. The stress of the event made her personal goal even more of an ecstatic accomplishment. Her parents there cheering in the crowd, bragging about the achievements of their daughter along with the impressed parents. This event became a gift she had to give to herself.

“It was a mix between pure happiness and adrenaline,” said Olivia.

Olivia, now a senior, has practiced multiple sports including dive and soccer but swimming is the only one she has really stuck to and has a passion for.

“It’s hard and it pushes me harder because not everyone can do swimming and it’s a complex sport because it’s mental, not just physical.”

Having a seven year career in swimming, she also does activities and jobs related to it such as teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding. Along with swimming she also enjoys journalism and will be the photo editor for her yearbook this upcoming year, as well as possibly hopes to study photojournalism after high school.