Hot off the Jess(i)

Jessi Alcorta-Robles fell in love with journalism in high school and wishes to pursue it as a career.

Freshman year of high school is a huge time of self-discovery for everyone. All of the sudden, there are so many more choices for classes, electives, clubs, and sports. The choices you make freshman year usually impacts the rest of your high school career, but for Jessi Alcorta-Robles, it impacted her entire life.

Alcorta-Robles was excited to start her beginning journalism class her ninth grade year. She had always loved to write and wanted to share her opinions with people outside of her circle of friends. However, the class bored Alcorta-Robles out of her mind. She sat through lecture after lecture about the legalities of journalism, court cases, and grammar. It wasn’t until her final exam project that Alcorta-Robles knew that journalism was the path for her. Her project consisted of crafting her own newspaper where she had to conduct her own interviews and write her own stories. Even though she was “completely terrified” during her first interview, seeing the finished product of the newspaper made Alcorta-Robles realize that journalism is something that she wanted to do in her life.

From freshman year on, Alcorta-Robles took every single journalism class that she could fit into her schedule. Sophomore year she took photojournalism and joined her school’s newspaper. Alcorta-Robles then decided to join yearbook the following school year: “I was on newspaper already and I liked that, but my sophomore year I took photojournalism and got to work with design and see the yearbook aspect of journalism… and I ended up really liking it.” In the newspaper and yearbook, she loves to write either “people stories” where she can get to know the person she is interviewing or reviews on trending pop culture such as new music. As a senior, Alcorta-Robles will be an executive editor of their yearbook.

Jessi Alcorta-Robles is typing on a statue of a typewriter.

In the future, Alcorta-Robles plans on going to Indiana University to study either journalism or photojournalism. She hopes to write for either a newspaper or a magazine: “I always thought about working at Vogue or National Geographic. My mom went to school for fashion and always talked about it to me when I was younger, so I’ve always had an interest in it. I also really like taking pictures, so I think that taking pictures for [National Geographic] would be nice. I’ve always looked up to that magazine” said Alcorta-Robles.

No matter what path she ends up taking, one thing is for sure–journalism will always be a major part of Alcorta-Robles’ life whether it’s the past, present, or future.